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If you live in, stay in or are passing through the Finchley Road area, you should think about getting an erotic Asian massage. Never thought about one before? An erotic massage is a special form of massage therapy that uses the same techniques as normal massages but as well as working on the back and shoulders, it also focuses on the sexual areas. This results in complete satisfaction and relaxation.

Why is an erotic massage better than a normal one? – Book Finchley Road massage

An erotic massage works to release tension from all areas of the body and that includes the sexual areas. The sexual areas carry a lot of pent-up frustration, even more so than the nonsexual areas like the back, because normal massage therapy doesn’t work to release tension from those parts. As a result, tension is slowly built up, which can have detrimental effects on mood. The techniques used in erotic massage are focused on the sexual areas, so tension is gently encouraged towards release. It produces very satisfying sensations.

Why you should choose us – The best Erotic massage Finchley Road

Oriental Massages provides the best exotic Asian massage experiences in the Finchley Road area. All of our therapists have been professionally and authentically trained in the erotic arts so are more than capable of providing genuine tantric massage sessions for our clients. Our masseuses only ever provide high-class, authentic erotic massages that are designed for carnal pleasure and relaxation. This is why we have such loyal clientele – they know they count on us for consistent service. Our outcall massage service is also highly flexible and available 24 hours a day. This means you can get your massage on a whim or squeeze one in during your work lunch break. Our therapists will come to you and can work late hours as well. You will never need to make time for us. Your needs become our needs.

How to make a booking for Asian massage Finchley Road

Our booking process is extremely simple because we believe even the first step should be as relaxing as the massage. It’s all a part of our hassle-free customer service. All you need to do is pick a massage style, choose your dream masseuse (or you can leave it a surprise – all of our therapists are stunning so you are guaranteed for beautiful company) and contact us via phone or email to set a date and time. Then leave the rest to us!

Where to stay in Finchley Road?

Many of our clients like to have their massage in a hotel room for the full experience. It’s also completely discrete and there’s no-one to recognise you. There’s nothing shameful about an erotic massage, but there are many thoughts about them – misconceptions but thoughts nonetheless – so we understand. Hotels are the best and easiest place to get your erotic massage, clear-headed and worry-free.

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