Happy ending massage Pimlico


Happy ending massage Pimlico

Pimlico might just seem like a small area in central London, part of the borough of Westminster, however, Pimlico has much more going for it than one would first realise. If you have ever visited Pimlico you may have been attracted by the quaint coffee shops, trendy bars and impressive gardens. Next time you visit this amazing palace I encourage you explore a little deeper… because, dear friend, in the heart of Pimlico is waiting the best happy ending massage you will ever experience.

Word about town, in recent years, is that the Pimlico erotic massage centre is the one to go to. The reason the Pimlico massage shop has so many re-turning clients and growing numbers is because of the phenomenal, mind altering happy ending massage available there. Why is it so great? I hear you ask… well for starters, the massage therapy parlour in Pimlico offers you a wide range of erotic massage therapy styles to choose from to accompany your happy ending massage. At the Pimlico parlour you can get a happy ending with any of the following erotic massage styles: Nuru, lingam, body to body, tantric, prostate and sensual. The masseuses working at the Pimlico parlour will even tailor the massage at your request, combing two, or even three of the standard styles to create a happy ending massage that is unique to you and your desires.

Unforgettable happy ending massage Pimlico service

The price for a happy ending massage at the Pimlico parlour is also a factor in why it is such a popular parlour. For £120 you can get an hour long massage with a happy ending, and for an extra £40 you can get full service! The great thing about the Pimlico parlour is that you don’t have to decide which service you would like until you are there- you needn’t worry about ever overpaying here!

To book an appointment at the Pimlico parlour or to enquire further about the happy ending massage Pimlico you can either call on 07823680039 and speak to one of the friendly Pimlico receptionists. The Pimlico parlour and its massage therapists work from 10am until 3am everyday… so when will you be getting your happy ending?