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If you’re in London on business or for pleasure and are waiting in Heathrow Airport for your connecting flight to some other far-flung city, that layover period must seem tedious and never-ending. Make your wait seem a little less dull and get an Asian massage to pass the time. At Oriental Massages, we offer a range of exotic oriental massage therapies exclusive to our clients at Heathrow Airport. From erotic and tantric to lingam and nuru, all of Asian massages are guaranteed to help take your mind away from the stresses of travelling and give you the happy ending you deserve.

Why you should try an Asian massage Heathrow Airport

Asian massage is slightly different to normal massage therapy. It uses all of the same techniques as normal massages so offers all of the same, relaxing benefits such as relieving muscle strains. However it tackles stress in a different way. Instead of pushing it out, Asian massage therapy targets stress at its very source. Stress can be held all over the body. It’s most commonly deposited in the back, shoulders and neck (hence why we unconsciously rub these parts when we’re stressed), and this is where normal massages target. However during a massage session, parts of the stress can break off and travel to other parts of the body such as the groin. Because normal massages don’t work on the sexual areas, stress in these parts builds up. This leads to sexual frustration, which can make us irritable and feel on edge. Asian massage therapy works on the whole body, including the sexual areas, and so ensures that even the tiniest fragments of stress are eradicated from the body. This results in long-lasting stress relief and restores balance to the mind and soul.

Why you should choose us – the best erotic massage Heathrow Airport

At Oriental Massages, you are the centre. We work around you so you never have to make time in your busy schedule for us. Our masseuses are fully mobile so you can get your outcall massage in the comfort of your private luxury hotel suite, or you can choose our incall service for the traditional Asian massage experience. All of our therapists are highly trained professionals who are skilled in Asian massage therapy, which includes erotic, sensual and tantric massage. They are all genuine Asian girls, so you can have the full exotic experience.

How to make a booking

We pride ourselves on providing consistently high class experiences for our clients. We also believe that the whole experience should be hassle-free from the very beginning – including the booking process. All you have to do is select a massage style, choose a masseuse from our gallery and contact us to set a time, date and location. All of our masseuses work from 9am to midnight every day, but we recommend that you inquire about their availability so you can avoid disappointment and be sure your favourite therapist isn’t fully booked up.

Styles of Asian massage that we do

Body to body


Happy ending






4 Hands

Please contact us to enquire about pricing, because it varies from massage to massage.

About Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is a major international airport in London and located 14 miles west of central London. It started off as a small airfield in 1929 and is now the busiest airport in Europe and the sixth busiest airport in the world.

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