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Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £120

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please


Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £150

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please

At Oriental Massages, we believe that relaxation and pleasure play important roles in daily life. Unfortunately, many of us are too busy with work to pay attention to our levels of stress. Many of us don’t know how to enjoy ‘me time’ anymore. At our company, we specialise in providing pleasure and happiness through the power of massage therapy. You might have noticed that when you’re stressed, your muscles ache more. This is because tension isn’t just a metaphorical concept. It can be held in your body, particularly in your shoulders, back and neck. Traditional massage therapy work to release them from these areas. However, tension can also be held in the sexual areas and traditional massage therapy doesn’t cater to these places. As a result, tension builds up until it begins to affect our daily lives. We become snappier, tetchier and more irritable. Traditional massages can’t help with this so this is when you need to try a tantric massage.

What is a Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is a very slow style of Asian massage. Unlike most other massage therapies, it follows a very strict ritual that’s based on tantra principles. Tantra is a fusion of the words ‘mantra’ and ‘tattva’. Mantra refers to the repeating of a sacred word or phrase, and tattva is a Sanskrit word that represents an aspect of reality. Thus, tantra refers to repeating sacred phrases and actions to focus the mind and full body to enter a new state of awareness. Likewise, tantric massage is about spiritual awareness. It uses the power of manual therapy and pleasure to help focus the mind. A tantric massage involves a mixture of traditional and sensual massage techniques that are designed to slowly arouse you and keep you on the edge of an orgasm.

What happens during a Tantric Massage

At Oriental Massages, we always try to make our massage experiences as enjoyable as possible for both our clients and masseuses. Our tantric massages are normally performed naked and involve a lot of bare bodily contact, so we highly advise you to shower thoroughly before your session. Alternatively, you could even ask your massage therapist to join you in the bathroom – it’s a naughty but fun way to start off your tantric massage! During a tantric massage session, the therapist will show you how to breathe deeply and use this to calm your body. You may sit cross legged, facing each other, with your eyes closed and holding hands. This begins to build the rapport between you and the therapist. Once you’ve relaxed and begun to spiritually connect with the therapist, you’ll be asked to lie on your front. The masseuse will rub massage oils over your bare skin and begin to delicately apply varying pressures into your muscles. A variety of traditional Swedish massage techniques and more erotic movements will be combined to keep your mind on the edge of orgasm. Whenever you get close to an orgasm, the masseuse will ease off, allowing your pleasure levels to drop. Then she’ll start over again. The point is to maintain this heightened level of pleasure and exercise extreme self-control. By learning to control your urges, you will experience more pleasure during sexual activity and ultimately, have more powerful and frequent orgasms.

What can I get for my money

Sensual tantric massage experience, Powerful pleasure, Happy endings , Intimate touch, Asian masseuse, Outcall or incall massage service

Why choose us – the best London tantra service

At Oriental Massages, we pride the happiness of our clients above all. We only want to provide the most pleasurable experience for you, so from start to end, our service is hassle-free. After all, why should booking a relaxing massage stress you out? Our booking process is super easy – all you have to do is choose a masseuse from our gallery and ring us to set a time, date and location. You can enjoy your tantric massage in one of our incall locations or in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. Our service is available 24 hours a day, so we are always here to answer any queries! As part of our guarantee to provide irreplaceable pleasure, we only ever hire the most skilled of therapists. All of our masseuses are fully trained in erotic, tantric and sensual massage styles. They are able to introduce you to a world of pleasure with just a few soft strokes of their delicate porcelain hands. As well as being skilled, they are beautiful Asian girls. We have a selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Taiwanese masseuses to give you an authentic oriental massage experience.