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  • Erotic Massage
  • Sensual Massage
  • Body to Body Massage
  • Nuru Massage
  • Tantric Massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • 4 Hand Massage (duo, 2 girls)

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Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £120

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please


Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £150

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please

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Westminster is one of London’s most iconic areas and is a hot-spot destination for tourist across the world. However, you don’t need to be a tourist to enjoy what’s on offer. Our incredible outcall erotic massage service is designed for people like you- people who need to experience pleasure and relaxation in the first-degree. Whether you’re a London local, tourist or travelling businessman, our flexible service is structured to work around your schedule, no matter what it may be. Running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you never have to miss out on the chance to have the erotic massage therapy of your dreams- and all of this can be experienced in the comfort of your very own hotel room. And what’s more, you call all of the shots.

What’s on offer?

Choose from one of our authentic Chinese, Japanese and Korean massage therapists and let her show you what pleasure really is. Whether you’re craving intimacy with a beautiful woman or want to get down and dirty with an expert masseuse, we offer the perfect massage just for you.


Tantric – For a therapeutic massage treatment that goes far beyond pleasure, a Tantric massage is for you. Lie back and relax as your chosen Asian masseuse uses her skilled touch to awaken the dormant energies in your body so that you are able to reach a higher state of consciousness. Experience a deep sense of relaxation as you drift deeper and deeper into euphoria, making every touch and every stroke more sensitive then the last.

Sensual – Sensual massage incorporates gentle touch into sexual activity for the ultimate intense pleasure. This slow, romantic style of massage will transcend you into pure relaxation, heightening every single sense in your body. Both sexy and physically beneficial, sensual massage is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking to let off some stream and experience the refined pleasure.

Erotic – An erotic massage is exactly what it says on the tin- it’s sexy, arousing and racy. Focusing on erogenous locations across the full body, shake in pleasure as your arousal levels gradually transform into mind-blowing pleasure. This slow and incredibly sexy style of massage is just what you need if you’re searching for pure bliss- nothing compares.

Lingam – In Tantric practice, the Lingam (penis) is regarded as sacred, and that’s exactly how your masseuse will treat it. Using expert techniques, enjoy slow, teasing pleasure and experience sensations that you never even knew existed.

Happy ending – For the best happy ending on the market, our Happy Ending massage promises to feed your every desire. For a slow, powerful and intense ‘release’, scream in awe as shocks of pleasure pulsate through your body like electricity. It truly is mind-blowing.

Prostate – Feeling a little daring? How taking our famous Prostate massage for a spin and feeling sensations that you’ve never had before? Descend into relaxation as your chosen masseuse touches and caresses your super sensitive G-spot.

Body to body – Every fantasised about having a beautiful; Asian woman rub her curvaceous body up against yours? Well, your dream can now become a reality with our seriously sexy Body to Body massage. The massage with a twist, watch in awe as your masseuses uses her body to massage you, not her hands.

Nuru – Our naughty Nuru massage is reserved for those of you who are looking to get up-close and personal with one of your drop-dead gorgeous masseuses. Using slippery Nuru gel, experience toe-curling pleasure as your stunning expert slides, grinds and slips all over your naked body. It’s the best slip n slide you’ll ever experience.

4 Hands – Our notorious 4 Hands massage is our most prestigious service and is guaranteed to give you the best pleasure of your life. Select a massage style of your choice and have it performed by not one, but two incredible therapists of your choice. Its double the trouble, double the benefits, double the pleasure.

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The home of Britain’s famous parliament, Westminster is a taste luxury and royalty. A city within a City, Westminster occupies much of greater London’s central area, making it the perfect location to explore. Aside from its open spaces and many parks, Westminster is one of London’s most booming areas – it is the heart of this wonderful city, after all.