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  • Nuru Massage
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  • Prostate Massage
  • 4 Hand Massage (duo, 2 girls)

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Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £120

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please


Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £150

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please

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About Bayswater W2  area

Located in the City of Westminster, Bayswater is an area of central London that’s within the Royal boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea. Bayswater is one of London’s most cosmopolitan areas with a highly diverse population, notably Greek, French, American, Arab and Brazilian. If the hustle-and-bustle of the area is stressing you out, you should think about getting an erotic massage. At Oriental Massages, we offer an outcall erotic massage service, exclusive to the Bayswater London area. All of our masseuses are not only gorgeous Asian girls – they are highly skilled in erotic massage therapy. They’ve taken intensive training and have proven to themselves to be masters in the art. From China, Korea and Japan, our beautiful therapists are ready to give London the ultimate pleasure with their authentic Asian massages.

Why you should get an erotic massage

An erotic massage is a special branch of relaxing massage therapy that evolved due to the growing need for long-lasting pain relief. Many of us know already that massage therapy is the go-to for muscle aches and it has that remarkable ability to iron out even the most knotted of stressed minds. What many of us overlook is the tension that’s held in the sexual areas, and because we don’t realise it’s there, it builds up. The more it builds up, the more stressed we get and we don’t know why, which frustrates us even more. An erotic massage works to release the tension from these areas because unlike normal massage therapy, an erotic session stimulates the whole body, including the sexual areas. This leaves clients in states of utter tranquillity because they are so satisfied in a physical, mental and sexual sense.

What erotic massage style can I get?

What? There’s more than one type of erotic massage? That’s right. “Erotic massage” is the umbrella term and beneath that, there are different types of therapy intended for sexual arousal, including an erotic massage which is also a style. Body to body massage – also known as body 2 body or b2b, this massage is not your typical massage as the masseuse uses her full naked body to massage the client’s. It’s advised you are both naked or semi naked (e.g. wearing swimwear) because it allows for total skin to skin contact which heightens the arousal. Lingam massage – this massage is meant for male pleasure as it involves the massaging of the penis. The masseuse will use a variety of special techniques designed to heighten the senses, stimulate the penis and delay ejaculation to prolong the pleasure Nuru massage – a unique Japanese specialty, this massage is very similar to a b2b massage but it uses a special gel that’s specific to nuru massage. The masseuse will slide her body against the client’s, using the gel as a lubricant as it’s so slippery. Prostate massage – a massage that’s not for the faint hearted, a prostate session involves soft stimulation of the prostate gland, which the masseuse accesses by gently inserting a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum. This is what may put many people off, but the prostate gland is also known as the male G-spot, so stimulation can lead to extremely pleasurable orgasms and intense releases of tension. Full body sensual massage – also known as a sensual massage, a FBSM is one that excites the senses to cause arousal. A sense may be deprived (e.g. eyesight with blindfolds) or encouraged (e.g. smell with aromatherapy oils). This heightens pleasure. Tantric massage – an evolution of Ancient Indian meditative rituals, tantric massage is one of the slowest types of erotic massage. It uses very precise techniques that are meant to gradually build up arousal and maintain it. Ultimately, it helps with arousal and ejaculation control. All of these massages can be upgraded to 4 Hands therapy, which involves two masseuses instead of one. The massage therapists will work in synchrony with each other, which creates an extremely mesmerising and  pleasurable experience.

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Where to stay in Bayswater

We offer an outcall erotic massage service, meaning that all of our therapists can come to wherever you are. Many of our clients choose to stay in a hotel and here are the most popular and recommended ones: Lancaster London – Rooms from £200 Caesar Hotel – Rooms from £150 London Elizabeth Hotel – Rooms from £160 The Royal Park London – Rooms from £220 La Suite West – Hyde Park – Rooms from £180