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Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £120

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please


Massage with happy ending

Prices start from £150

*** Nuru or prostate massage £30 extra

Cash only please

What if there was a way to experience incredible head-to-toe pleasure that will eradicate all of that stress you’ve been feeling for weeks? If you’ve been feeling overworked for weeks and it’s starting to affect your health, you should get an erotic prostate massage. At Oriental Massage, we offer a unique prostate massage with premium Asian massage therapists to central London and Greater London. From just £120 an hour, you are guaranteed mind-blowing pleasure at the hands of a gorgeously exotic woman. Our special prostate massage will stimulate areas of your body and show you euphoric desire like never before. Our expert Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Taiwanese therapists will stroke your G-spot in a series of mesmerising therapeutic rubs until you experience the most powerful orgasm of your life. As well as being the gateway to a pleasurable heaven, prostate massages are also great for health. Surprisingly, doctors prescribe them to treat a variety of prostate and urinary-related conditions. How can you turn down the best hour of your life?

What is a Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage is a special type of massage therapy that directly stimulates the prostate gland. It can take place internally, externally or a mixture of the two. The prostate gland is an organ which plays an important role in the male reproductive system. It’s accessed through the rectum and the therapist will gently insert a well-lubricated gloved finger and proceed to softly stroke the gland. They may also use the external method which is to gently stroke the perineum – the strip of skin between the anus and the testicles – and stimulate a tiny raised bump.

Why should you get a Prostate Massage in London?

A prostate massage directly stimulates the prostate gland, which is excellent at soothing the symptoms of various prostate and urinary-related infections. Prostatitis is a common condition. It’s when the gland becomes painfully inflamed. 10 per cent of prostatitis can be treated with antibiotics but for the other 90 per cent, the road is a lot less straight. Muscle relaxants and painkillers can only go so far. Prostate massage is a fantastic alternative, as it helps to release the trapped infected fluids which are causing you pain. This release of fluid also helps to clear out your urinary ducts and relieve painful urination.

What happens during a session?

Due to the nature and style of this relaxing massage, we recommend that you have a thorough shower and bowel movement an hour or so before the session. This ensures that you are totally clean in that region and you won’t have to worry about having any accidents. The therapist will begin to slowly massage your full body using traditional Swedish massage techniques. This will help relax you and prepare your muscles for the massage. Once you’ve relaxed, she will start to sensually massage your sexual areas. Arousal is important during a prostate massage as it helps to relax your anal muscles. The masseuses will slide her hands up and in between your legs. It will feel extremely erotic. When you’re ready, she’ll gently insert a lubricated gloved finger into your rectum and begin caressing your gland using a series of soft but sensual movements. You may feel some initial discomfort and it may tickle, but this is normal. If you stay relaxed, it will become increasingly pleasurable. You’ll feel a build-up of pressure deep within you. Don’t fight this and just let go. Our skilled prostate therapists have the ability to give you leg trembling, heart pounding intense orgasms. Your mind will be in a state of frenzy as your heightened senses take over. After you’ve reached the point of no return and felt all of your trapped fluids and tensions flood out of your full body, you’ll feel rejuvenated, refreshed and like a new man.

What can you expect

For just £120 an hour, you can expect to experience: Intimate, sensual massage, Expert prostate therapy, Mind-blowing erotic pleasure, Happy endings, Sexual satisfaction, Asian masseuse, Slow teasing an explosive orgasm

Why choose us

At Oriental Massages, we only ever employ the most skilled therapists. Our therapists are authentic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Taiwanese girls who have been professionally trained in oriental massage therapy. They are also some of the most beautiful women in London. With us, you can ensure you’re getting a high quality, genuine Asian massage for the best price. We serve central London and Greater London, including Kensington, Marylebone, King’s Cross and Islington. Our therapists are all mobile, so you can experience a stress-free outcall erotic massage in the comfort of your own home or Heathrow Airport hotel room. Alternatively, you could also stop by our incall location. We are located in central London in a luxury apartment. Please contact us for the address. To book, choose a masseuse from our gallery and ring us to tell us the time, date and location. Some of our masseuses only work seasonally or may be fully booked up, so please get in touch to check their availability. You can even give us your preferences and we’ll use our expert matchmaking services to send over the gorgeous oriental goddess of your dreams!