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If you’re stopping through London Gatwick Airport, whether it be for the layover or your plane is delayed, make that waiting period a smidge more fun with an erotic massage. At Oriental Massages, we offer a unique outcall erotic massage exclusive to our Gatwick Airport clients. Unlike many of our competitors, our therapists are all professionally and authentically trained, to a high degree, in erotic massage therapy. This means you can be sure that you are getting a genuine tantric experience.

Why you should choose us – The best Asian massage Gatwick Airport

At Oriental Massages, you can be sure you’re getting a world class erotic massage for the best price. We offer an outcall erotic massage service so you can enjoy your massage in the comfort of your hotel room. Our therapists are totally flexible and available 24 hours a day, so it doesn’t matter when your flight lands or when you decide you’re in the mood for one – our masseuses will be on standby, ready to entertain you when you want them to. At our company, your needs become our needs. We only endeavour to satisfy your desires and want to help make your fantasies come true.

What’s so good about erotic massage Gatwick Airport? Book Gatwick Airport massage

An erotic massage is a special kind of massage therapy that focuses on releasing tension from the sexual areas. Tension can be held all over the body, but typically in the shoulders, back, neck and the sexual areas. Normal massage therapy works on the nonsexual areas, releasing strains and tensions from those places. But because it doesn’t work on the sexual areas, the tension builds and this can cause stress and even affect mood. Erotic massage specialises in relieving sexual tension, so you can feel your stresses literally lift and drift away.

What styles of erotic massage do you do?

At Oriental Massages, we do a variety of styles. All of our masseuses are fully trained in each style so you don’t have to worry.

Body to body – a sensual body massage which involves the masseuse pressing and rubbing her naked body against the client’s. Massage oils are used to reduce friction.

Happy ending – a massage that typically ends with an orgasm. It’s one of the most satisfying types of erotic massage and all of our styles can include a happy ending.

Lingam – a massage that’s designed specifically for men. This massage explicitly involves the massaging of the penis (as well as normal parts of the body) which leads to full body relaxation and pleasure.

Nuru – this is the Japanese version of a body to body massage. Instead of using oils, a nuru massage uses a special gel made from seaweed. When mixed with water, the gel becomes extremely slippery and allows the masseuse to slide freely on top of the client’s body. This is why a nuru massage is also known as the ‘body slide’ massage and probably one of the most erotic styles.

Prostate – this is a specialised massage style and involves stimulation of the prostate gland, externally and internally. The masseuse will gently insert a lubricated gloved finger into the rectum and softly stroke the gland. It’s very pleasurable when combined with other erotic styles such as lingam massage, and can result in extremely pleasurable releases.

Sensual – this is about arousing the body by heightening the senses. Aromatherapy and props such as blindfolds are often used.

Tantric – this is one of the oldest types of erotic massage. It involves slowly stimulating the body towards arousal, building this up and delaying orgasm. This ensures every last drop of stress is released, so for that reason, a tantric massage is probably one of the most relieving erotic massage styles.

Where to stay near Gatwick Airport

If you’re treating yourself to an erotic massage, you may as well go all out and check yourself into a luxury hotel! Here are our clients’ top picks: