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Asian massage therapy is a unique experience and we at Oriental Massages believe that everyone should try one. Asian massages are especially effective for relieving chronic stress and promoting a consistent state of mental clarity. The therapy is based on the theory that pleasure is the cure to states of mental frustration. At Oriental Massages, we provide a one-of-a-kind professional oriental massage service, available incall or outcall, that is catered for you and your individual needs.

Why you should try Asian massage Kensington

It’s well known that massage therapy is very effective at counteracting stress. Asian massages are similar to normal massages – they use all the same techniques to counter muscle tension – but unlike normal massages, they also work on the sexual areas. This ensures that every fragment of tension has been worked out of the body. Stress can be held all over the body, but predominantly in the back, shoulders and neck which is why stressed individuals tend to have poor posture. Normal massage therapy works to relieve stress from these places, but during the session, stress can be knocked and deposited into other areas such as the sexual areas of the body. The most obvious way to counter this is to massage the sexual areas, but normal massage therapy doesn’t so the tension here builds up. Over time, it can reach high levels and begin to affect daily life. This is where Asian massage therapy comes in. Unlike normal massages, oriental massages focus on the sexual areas as well as the neutral areas, and so provides a more holistic treatment. This means stress can be thoroughly cleansed from the body and you can leave a session feeling totally rejuvenated and satisfied.

Why you should choose us and our erotic massage Kensington service

It’s normal to become aroused during a massage session. At Oriental Massages, all of our therapists have been authentically trained in Asian massage and that includes erotic, tantric and sensual massage therapy. This means you can pick any one of our Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai masseuses and be certain that you are getting an authentic Asian massage treatment. They are more than well equipped to satisfy your needs and fulfil your desires. Depending on what you’re after, you can choose from something as dainty as a sensual massage, precise like a lingam massage or as wild as a nuru massage. At Oriental Massages, we work around you and the sessions can easily be adapted to suit your needs. Our service is also available incall or outcall, so you can get your massage in our parlour or in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. The decision is yours. All of our therapists can travel to the entire Kensington area and are available from 9am to midnight each day.

How to make a booking

Our main aim is make the experience as smooth as possible so you can avoid the hassle and live for the pleasure. We try and extend this to the booking process as well. To make a booking, you need to start off by selecting a massage style from the list below. Then, pick a masseuse from our gallery. Although all of our masseuses work from 9am to midnight, there is always a slight possibility that certain ones may be fully booked up during peak times, so contact us to check their availability before you book to avoid disappointment. Finally, you just need to pick up the phone or send us an email with the date, time and location. And that’s that!

More about Kensington

Kensington is an affluent district in west London. Located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the area is home to many of London’s French embassies. Like its neighbour Chelsea, Kensington is extremely wealthy and houses some of London’s most expensive streets, squares and real estate.