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At Oriental Massages, we appreciate that you have a busy schedule. Whether its business meeting’s, sightseeing or commuting to work every day, life is stressful- simple as. Worryingly, most people don’t create enough time to relax, ultimately leading to a more hectic lifestyle and an unhealthy mind-set. But thankfully, we are here to solve that problem for you. At Oriental Massages, we offer a super flexible and convenient erotic massage outcall service which takes into account your wants, needs and schedule. Unlike other businesses in the Paddington area, we are not bound by, or restricted to set opening and closing times. You might work in an office, but we don’t- so do not expect to see 9-5 opening hours posted across our website. All of our masseuses are fully mobile and can therefore travel to pretty much any hotel, house or office in the Paddington area, at any time that suits you. Whether that’s 3 O’clock in the afternoon or 3 o’clock in the morning, we will always deliver pleasure directly to your door, whenever or however you want it.

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There are a lot of erotic massage businesses in the Paddington area, but unfortunately, not all offer legitimate Tantric services. Authentic erotic massages can only be performed by trained specialists, which is why we are proud to admit that we only hire the most experienced and professional masseuses in London. All directly from Asia, our Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Malaysian masseuses are all 120% fully trained erotic masseuses- so you know you’ll get your money’s worth. And what’s more- it’s down to you who you spend your time with! Booking a life-changing erotic massage with us as is easy as you could imagine- all we ask is that you choose your masseuse, massage style, inform us of your location and preferred time and the rest is arranged by us. All of our services are designed to immerse you in pure relaxation and pleasure- so all we ask is that you pick up the phone and allow us to show you how incredible erotic massages really can be. Let’s just say, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.


Located between Notting Hill and the West End, Paddington is situated in the west of London. From idyllic parks to quirky bars, Paddington has something for everyone. Historically, Paddington is best known for being the home of St Mary’s Hospital where Nobel Prize winner, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. Paddington is rich with history, so if you want to delve into British culture more come and take a look for yourself.