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At Oriental Massages, we believe that pleasure is the best way to beat stress and Asian massage is the perfect way to achieve this. We work to provide the best incall and outcall Asian massage in the Islington area. There are many different styles of oriental massage you can choose and our service is totally customisable. We only want to cater to your every need and give you the best experience. You can pick any of the massages, combine them with each other or upgrade to premium services.

Why you should get an Asian massage Islington

Oriental massages are very similar to normal massages. They use all of the same techniques as normal massages, such as the varying pressures and different hand movements to ensure even the most deeply embedded portions of stress are eliminated. However, unlike normal massages, Asian massages target the whole body and this includes the sexual areas. This is an effective method because stress is held all over the body. Stress is most attracted to places like the back and shoulders as these areas are most likely to experience strain on a daily basis. However, stress can also travel to other places, particularly the sexual areas, and when you are massaged, stress can break off and collect in these places. As normal massage therapy does not focus on this sexual build-up, stress just piles up until the frustration begins to affect your daily life. Asian massage is different – it focuses on the sexual areas as well as the main parts of the body, which ensures that tension is well and truly smoothed out of the body.

Why you should choose us and our Islington massage service

Most people become aroused during a massage – they’re so relaxed that it’s difficult not to. But as normal massage sessions don’t relieve sexual tension, clients leave feeling somewhat unsatisfied even though they are relaxed and de-stressed. Oriental massages are different because they do address this arousal and tackle it at its very source. At Oriental Massages, we believe that orgasmic pleasure is the ultimate cure for stress. That’s why we welcome arousal with open arms. Arousal is the first step in the path towards mental clarity. All of our therapists have been professionally and authentically trained in erotic, tantric and sensual massages, so you can be sure you’re getting a genuine oriental massage experience. Our service is also extremely flexible. Our masseuses work from 9am to midnight, so you can get your massage at nearly any time of the day (or night). We work around you so you never have to make time for us. You can come to us or we can send a masseuse out to your hotel room, private house or office – it’s entirely up to you.

How to make a booking – Book the best erotic massage Islington

Our booking process is super simple. We believe our service should be hassle-free, right from the very beginning. All you have to do is pick a massage style, choose a masseuse from our gallery and contact us to set a time, date and location. However although our therapists work from 9am to midnight, there is always the slight chance that some of them (particularly the popular ones) may be fully booked up, so contact us for their availability to avoid disappointment.

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More about Islington Islington is a district in inner London and mainly a residential one. Approximately 200,000 people reside in this busy area. It is located within the borough of Islington, which is home to the football club Arsenal and its stadium, the Emirates Stadium.