The best Asian massages to get when you’re staying at Heathrow

There’s nothing like a massage the night before a holiday. It’s the perfect way to get rid of those pre-holiday nerves that we all fall victim to. Now, opting for an oriental massage is probably one of the last things you think of when dealing with anxiety and stress, but you’ll be surprised to hear how effective they are in combatting the jitters.

Holidays are a rare luxury, so there’s nothing worse than falling ill the night before you’re due to jet off. Or perhaps you’re riddled with aches and pains that literally keep you awake at night- how on earth is your body going to handle a rocky airplane flight? These are just some of the few reasons why Asian massage is an excellent way to re-energise your body before your holiday; but the benefits don’t end there… Our Asian Massage is available in Heathrow. Check out all the good benefits and don’t hesitate to book!

Tantric massage at Heathrow

Everyone has heard of Tantra, but are you familiar with tantric massage? One of erotic massages most sought after, popular styles? Whilst tantric massage isn’t directly linked to the ancient practice of Tantra, it does steal a few techniques that are designed to awaken every sense in the body. Tantric massage is an excellent style to opt for at Heathrow because it is intensely and undeniably relaxing. Whilst it is sexual in nature, it was ultimately created to allow the body to reach levels of relaxation that enable it to re-start, or so to speak. For example, if you have a cold, a tantric massage will encourage your body’s internal organs to work more efficiently, allowing it to combat your illness more. As a result, tantric massage is likely to protect your body from illness during your holiday.

Nuru massage at Heathrow

Nuru massage is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you’ll never forget in Heathrow. It’s totally unique. So do I really need to spend my time convincing you why this is an excellent style of opt for before your holiday? Nuru massage uses Nuru gel which is a Japanese substance which is stringy and strechy in texture and allows for fluid body to body movement. The massage will begin with a traditional massage but will swiftly progress into a sensual, erotic session that will leave you shaking with pleasure. Ever been on a Slip n Slide? Well imagine you’re the slide… That’s what you can expect from this style- a beautiful, naked woman sliding all over you. Why not start your holiday a night early?

Prostate massage at Heathrow

Sometimes you just need a massage that really hits the spot, and we know the style that’s perfect for this. The health benefits of prostate massage are endless, so you’re guaranteed to feel a million dollars the day before your holiday if you choose this style. If you’ve never ventured into anal play, this style may seem a little daunting, understandably. However, it’s a few moments of discomfort for a lifetime of sheer euphoria. The effects of a prostate massage will give you more energy, help your body to combat any illnesses and will generally give you a new lease for life. You’re probably excited for your holiday already, but you’ll feel utterly blissful after this. Plus, it’s always important to look after your prostate! Remember this next time you’re visiting Heathrow!

Lingam massage at Heathrow

Ever heard the word, ‘Lingam’ before? You probably haven’t, but you’ll certainly never forget it once you’ve finished this post. Lingam means ‘penis’, and is therefore a massage style that focuses particularly on the penis. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is, and it’s just what you need before your flight to feel utterly relaxed and content. Imagine a hand job, but with a large sprinkling of magic… Now that is what we call a Lingam massage ladies and gentlemen. You think you’ve experienced pleasure at its finest, well you’re wrong!

Whether you’re searching for a sexy sensual massage at Heathrow or would prefer something a little more energetic like a body to body massage, exploring Asian massage the night before a flight is just what the doctor ordered. Most London based parlours offer outcall massage services to Heathrow throughout the night and day, so you’ll never be strapped for time when it comes to fulfilling your sexual hunger. Trust us, you’ll not regret it!

Once you know all the benefits of erotic massages in Heathrow, don’t hesiatte to book your dream massage. If you want to know more, visit our Oriental massage Heathrow Airport page