Brush off your first time nerves with our guide to erotic massage

Let’s be honest, booking your first erotic massage is a little out the ordinary – it’s not like arranging a cut at the barbers or booking a doctor’s appointment. Though initially the whole process can be a little out of your comfort zone there is no need to feel nervous – without pushing boundaries we’re unable to achieve maximum pleasure after all.  To brush off all of your first time nerves we have put together a little guide for you.

Don’t feel embarrassed to call the booking hotline

It might be the 21st Century, but some of us still feel uncomfortable in chatting openly about our sexual needs. Engaging in intimate activity is just as important as food and shelter, so to avoid the topic of conversation is super silly. Therefore, you should never feel nervous to call an erotic massage booking line to arrange an appointment. And more so, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to discuss your preferences and requirements for your massage – communication is key to get the most out of your session. Erotic massage parlours employ a specialised booking team who are super friendly and helpful. They are passionate about massage and love nothing more than assisting you through this exciting process. Once you’ve chatted to the lovely team and booked your session lots of your first time nerves are sure to subside. Everything discussed on the booking line is super confidential, with evidence of your massage being completely erased straight after your appointment.

You don’t need to bring anything with you

Some clients often feel flustered with not knowing what they need to bring for an erotic massage, but we can rest assure you all you need is yourself and a mobile phone, so you’re able to call the booking line to inform them that you have arrived. Towels, massage oil and shower gel is all provided by the parlour and is inclusive in your massage price. If you have the opportunity, then we recommend showering before your erotic massage as it helps to loosen your muscles before they are manipulated on.

Don’t worry if you feel out of shape

So of course, it’s not every day you get hot under the covers with a drop dead gorgeous masseuse. However, just because their figure maybe flawless, you needn’t feel bad if yours is out of shape. Most gentlemen who book erotic massages are over the ages of 40, so you’re not alone if you feel that your body has seen better days. Erotic massage is based on Tantra teachings, which provide the ideologies that the whole male physique is a temple and the Lingam (penis) is the most sacred part of the male body. Having humungous amounts of bodily hair, man boobs or a small penis doesn’t make you inferior to other men who are more groomed coming for an erotic massage. We do understand that bearing all from the get-go can be a little nerve-racking; therefore we suggest the gentleman asks the masseuse if they can undress to their comfort level throughout the massage. The therapist will use towels and sheets to protect their modesty as they build up courage to reveal more.

Don’t feel like you have to put your foot on the gas straight away

We wouldn’t go on a run without warming up and we wouldn’t venture onto the motorway the first time we have a driving lesson, so don’t feel pressured to put your foot on your guess and opt for a super adventurous erotic massage the first time you book. As Tantra practitioners, we see erotic massage as a journey building your sexual confidence by incorporating more romantic and passionate techniques session by session. We therefore recommend a sensual, Tantric or body to body massage for your first appointment. This enables you to indulge in exotic pleasure, which won’t feel like you’re out of your depth. Once you familiarise yourself with erotic massages we then suggest you try services more daring. These include Nuru, full service or even the mesmerising four hands massage, which comprises of the delicious elements of two masseuses. Erotic massage takes you on an amazing journey, so do strap yourself in tightly and enjoy the euphoric ride.

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