Erotic Massage in Camden Town

Taylor Jacobs, Personal Fitness and Health Celebrity Blogger is on a quest this summer. Jacobs is discovering the best destinations around Europe for the Men’s Getaways. He is searching every corner, sipping every craft porter and sampling the best of the back door parlours to determine where you should go on your next lads getaway.

A South African hunk, Jacobs was the first African man under 25 to manage a gym complex in Australia, his empire grew from strength to strength and now at the tender age of 32 Jacobs has over half a million followers on instagram and reaches out to thousands of fans with his daily vlogs on youtube. This summer on his ‘quest for the best’ Jacobs has already travelled twice to London, but as he argues- in a city like London, every region is its own town. This week we find Taylor Jacobs in Camden town. He has arrived with a backpack and a dinner jacket…



What Taylor says about his experience of erotic massage in Camden Town:

Last time I was in London I was broke, the first time we came to London I was balling. This time I am somewhere in between- which knowing what I know now about how London works, means that I should be able to live like a king on a Kingsman salary. So its Day one and first thing on my agenda is getting an erotic massage in Camden Town. I’m a little jet lagged, my muscles are all tightened and I’m feeling a little distracted… I believe any good lads holiday should start with an erotic massage, it’s a great way to relax, clear your head and generally boost your energy levels and the morale of the group- a sexually frustrated friend is no friend to spend days on end in cheap hotel rooms with. So, take my advice when you get off the plane, dump your stuff at the hotel and get wind of where’s good for an erotic massage.

Camden town is notoriously elicit with the sex trade, it is London’s home of drugs, sex and rock and roll. So when I began to explore the cobbled its streets, I knew I wasn’t far away from a very good massage parlour. Lo and behold once I was in the depths of the town, just as I stopped to take a swig of my vitamin hydrated blue powerade that I’d bought in the station I discovered the massage parlour of my dreams. Seriously… this place was like something out of a film, it had a look of grandeur about it but blended in completely with the bustling market street making almost invisible.

This parlour was an Asian ran establishment and my oh my did it offer a menu of delights! From now on every time I want a proper good I will only get erotic massage in Camden town. The Asian masseuses were of model quality, all of them properly trained massage therapists, and well versed in a multitude of exciting erotic massage styles. They offered me a choice of four hands, body to body, lingam, nuru, prostate, sensual and tantric. Now, having had quite a number of massages in my time not all of these treatments were alien to me… When I was in Japan, I sampled the Japanese nuru massage for the first time and I was blown away, I had never had such a thrilling massage before. I wondered then whether a Japanese nuru massage would be as good in Camden town as it was in Japan- I predicted less so, given that surely going to japan was the only place to experience a genuine nuru service. Camden town however… did not dissapiont! It was magic, completely authentic, the masseuse was actually Japanese!- beautiful too, and she really knew what she was doing.

That night, back in my hotel I slept like a baby, the massage had really helped me relax and my muscles were aching (in a good way though). It was truly therapeutic. Then suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up and couldn’t get the massage out of my mind, I should have gotten two hours! I though all night long. Erotic massage in Camden town isn’t too pricy either.. As I explained earlier, I didn’t have ultimate cash flow this time whilst in London, however I did not need ultimate cash with this parlour! [don’t worry I’ll leave their number below so you can go too.] For an hour long nuru massage (which bearing in mind is one of the premium massage therapy styles) I paid £150- which really is cheap.

So anyway after spending the night in the Camden hotel, slightly frustrated and very horny I decided to return to the massage parlour the next day. The parlour was open (luckily from 10am- closing every day until 3am) I got there around 11am and was seen straight away. This time I decided to sample the ‘camden town special’ which was a four hands massage with full service. This cost me a bit more- in the region of £320 but for two gorgeous masseuses- who clearly knew how to do do true four hands, it was a complete pleasure. I have never, ever had orgasms that powerful in my entire life- it was next level believe me. Getting an erotic  massage in Camden town was the best thing I ever did.

I swear if you ever decide to go on a lads weekend away in London, whether it be for a stag or just a good old reunion, I would hundred per cent recommend you stay in Camden town. I mean there’s lots to do, bars, restaurants, all that but I think the main reason I will be returning there is for the absolutely earth shattering, mind blowing, affordable, authentic, achingly good sexy service.

You can also call them on 0782368003

And feel free to ask about group discounts…

Peace x

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