Has everyone forgotten about Paddington?

What was once one of the most historic districts in London town has fallen under the radar in recent years, the once densely populated tourist area is now less of a tourist trap with souvenirs galore and fried donut stands, and more of a up and coming trendy area within the cities centre.

Paddington was once known for its infamous association with Paddington bear, the much loved character from the children’s book with the same name. Paddington bear of course was named after the landmark train station (Paddington station.) This station is used to get all over the UK and to some European destinations. Paddington station inevitably drives people in to the area but it has always been, in a way, a neglected district for these reasons. People pass through Paddington but they don’t stay. Why should they? What’s exciting about Paddington? Why go to Paddington when you could be immersing yourself in the cultural hotspots like Camden or Soho? But the passing through nature of Paddington has sparked the interest of a particular industry that would surely thrive in such an anonymous neutral zone…

The booming erotic massage industry is notorious in London as is often cited as the best capital city to get an authentic Asian erotic massage outside of China. The trouble however, has always been that London doesn’t really have an area that is widely known as the hotspot for these kind of services. Perhaps it is the British prudishness that has prevented it from announcing proudly where it’s treasure trove of erotic massage parlours live. Well ladies and gentleman… worry no longer; one of Britain’s best kept secret is out of the shadows. Paddington is the home to the best erotic massage parlours in London.

Paddington is the location of some of the finest massage parlours in the world. Parlours like the hugely popular Oriental Massages are based here. Those in the know frequently pass through Paddington to sample the delights of erotic massage services. One of the reasons Paddington is such a popular destination for erotic massages is because of the wide array of choice. Paddington offers an array of erotic massage services; it’s an international hub, a melting pot of different massage practices from across the world. London Paddington was the first country outside of Asia to offer the infamous Japanese Nuru massage. London Paddington was the first country outside of Asia to adopt the Middle Eastern Lingam massage style. London Paddington has more massage parlours than it has gift shops. London Paddington has more massage parlours than it has red buses. For anyone tempted to get a massage, whether they live in London or are just passing through; look no further than the passing through mecca: London Paddington.

I saw a sticker on the side of a lamp post the other day that said ‘The P in Paddington is for parlour’. I don’t know who made the sticker; I wasn’t quite sure whether it was an advertisement as it had no contact number attached or whether it was a silent protest; celebrating the true culture of London Paddington. London Paddington’s erotic massage industry isn’t just a money making machine, it’s a community.

Go for a stroll in London Paddington and if you find yourself wondering why there are so many beautiful Asian girls sitting outside coffee shops sunning themselves, if you find yourself wondering why there are so many beautiful Asian girls in the shops, sitting on a park bench, posing for a photograph (- perhaps these one might be tourists..) But my point is, the reason Paddington is bursting from the seams with beautiful young, athletic Asian women is because they are all working erotic masseuse in London Paddington.

Paddington is the home of the London sex industry, but not the dregs of society as you might picture it- only the high class, stunning model-esque escorts are welcome in the Paddington. If M&S did erotic massage parlours they’d have them in London Paddington.

If you find yourself in London Paddington, maybe you are only there to catch a train; maybe you’re going to a meeting nearby, whatever the reason… If you do find yourself there then by all means go and get the best massage of your life! You will never experience a massage as good as the kind on offer in London Paddington. And contrary to popular belief, London Paddington isn’t too expensive for the average Joe. Rent might be high in London town, coffees might be more expensive than the national average but erotic massages are priced very reasonably.

Take a nuru massage for instance…one of the most expensive massage styles in the world. It is expensive partly because nuru gel is by no means cheap and can be notoriously difficult to get hold of. But the main reason nuru is known as the most luxury massage service is because the training involved becoming a qualified nuru specialist is incredibly complex and time consuming. Girls who come out of massage school with nuru qualifications are hand-picked from across the globe to work in the finest parlours. Curiously, in London Paddington you can get an authentic nuru massage for as little as £150! – and that’s for a whole hour. I jumped at the chance to get the treatment and was not disappointed. Afterwards I asked my masseuse (A beautiful Japanese lady who went by the name of Jade) why she charged such a low price. Jade explained that although she could charge much more she and other masseuses are aware that London Paddington is almost like a secret and it’s a great sense of community and belonging. She said she would much rather be working in the trendy alternative massage scene of London Paddington than being paid double to work in some ponsy luxury parlour in Dubai. She made a fair point.

So you don’t need to go out to Dubai for a massage, just go for a walk around London Paddington next time you’re catching a train. Take my advice and discover what London Paddington really has to offer, open your eyes to the delights of fair Paddington.

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