Skip Duty Free… Get an erotic massage instead!

London attracts many different people from all over the world, in particular – businessmen. We know you guys work extremely hard, travelling around and constantly on the go which is hard I bet. However, if you are staying near the airport in London for the night and need a way to relax and reenergize, then why not get an erotic massage?

So many businessmen across the world have said that getting an erotic massage with either a happy ending or full service is the only thing that gets them through their busy schedules. I have talked to many men who have travelled in and out of London in the past month to see exactly what they thought of having an erotic massage as part of their usual travel routine.

Ahmed, 32, Dubai

I travel regularly between Dubai and my hometown London for business purposes. I am originally from East London but my roots come from the Middle East so it was always a goal of mine to move out there and open my own restaurant. As you can imagine my schedule is very busy which means I do not have time to be in a serious relationship and it can get lonely at times without female companionship. I heard that the Asian masseuses in London are some of the best in the world and are all highly trained so every time I travel to London I always stay at a hotel in Heathrow and one of the beautiful Chinese masseuses comes to visit me in my hotel room. The service is always prompt, private and highly arousing. As soon as a book the appointment, within 30-40 minutes the masseuse is in my hotel room ready to pleasure me! I tried erotic massage services in Dubai but they did not match the high quality of the masseuses in London.

Sven, 24, Oslo

Being a handsome, young Norwegian guy you would think I have a lot of confidence but this is far from the truth. I travel to London quite a lot to visit my friends who are from there whom I met travelling across Asia, however they aren’t the only reason I travel to London. While I was in Japan I had my first erotic massage experience and it was incredible. Japan is quite expensive and far for me to travel to from Norway so I come to London to see the beautiful Oriental masseuses. I have no confidence to talk to girls in clubs or bars but the masseuses are kind and put me at ease with their bright eyes and welcoming smiles. I always get the Nuru massage at my hotel room and the masseuse comes fully equipped with a blow up bed and Nuru gel. I feel like I have been transported to Japan without even leaving my hotel room. The girls are very professional and are always clean and fresh. London definitely provides the best sensual massages and are the most accommodating for airport visits.

Maxime, 46, Paris

I have lived in the U.K for over 20 years and have opened my own French bakery in Milton Keynes. Every so often I go back to Paris to visit my family, however, as I do not live in London, I always stay at an airport hotel the night before or if I get back late. I am quite a well cultured man and love a bit of an exotic woman, which is why I always get an erotic massage from a stunning Asian massage. They always visit my hotel room without any hassle and come with a lot of energy. They make me feel relaxed and rejuvenated before my flight and for the next few days I am always extremely happy in Paris. The massages are very erotic which is right up my street as I am a very passionate man. It is nice that I also don’t have to leave my hotel room and she comes right to me. Although I am in my forties I do like the company of a younger lady and the Asian masseuses are as young as 20 years old which is amazing. I usually get a happy ending massage which starts off with a highly sensual naked body to body rub. My stress and worries quickly fade away and then she begins to perform hand relief on my penis which is always 10/10. I love Asian masseuse airport visits!

Nyguen, 22, Bangkok

I moved here for university this year from Bangkok to study civil engineering as the engineering school in London is one of the best. However, As I am South East Asian, I love Asian girls. It is hard to find them on a night out in London so I always use erotic massage service. I do not like bringing the girl to my university halls of residence or visiting the massage parlour so I always book a hotel room near the airport and request that she visits me there. The service is always very luxurious and we have a lot of fun. My favourite is the Korean masseuses as they are very open to trying new things and are never shy. It is the perfect location to have a masseuse visit you as it is very private and confidential.

Clearly, many men from across the globe really enjoying erotic massage services at airports across London and are very pleased with how high the quality of the services are. So, what are you waiting for, book an airport Asian masseuse and let your worries fly away…