8 questions you’ve always wanted to ask erotic parlour owner

Have you always wondered what it’s like to run an adult massage parlour? Is it all fun and games, or does it involve blood, sweat and tears? We caught Oriental Massages owner Gigi Chan in her rare down time to ask her eight questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Why did you decide to set up an erotic massage parlour?

During my younger years, I actually worked in numerous erotic massaging parlours in Beijing. The money was great and I loved pleasing men with my talents. However, my looks did begin to fade and I was keen to have a family and settle down. I coincidentally met my husband and moved to London, where he was pursuing his dream career in banking. I immediately loved London from the moment I arrived, however money doesn’t get you too far here! I frantically tried to find ways to make ends meet and stumbled on the idea of opening our own massage parlour. It was a huge gamble, but I saw a huge gap in the London market and I knew exactly how they operated. Luckily it was a gamble which paid off.

Do you make a lot of money for very little work?

Absolutely not. Of course the money is good, but running a massage parlour is just like any other professional company and can be hard work. With opening hours of 17 hours per day, it’s my job to count all the finances and sort out the wages after a long day of appointments. Of course this is deeply satisfying, but does take time. I also have to ensure the parlour is up to its luxury expectations. I ensure the showers are spotless, the girls are always looking their best and the bedding has been changed between each client. And yes, we do go through a humungous load of washing! We’re open seven days a week, including Christmas Day! They’re really is no rest for the wicked.

How do you recruit the girls?

As we are an exclusive oriental massage parlour we only recruit girls with oriental origin. I often take trips to the most elite massaging schools in Toyko and Shanghai to select the best massaging graduates. We pride ourselves on being one of the most superior parlours in London, so it’s only fitting we have the therapists to match.

Have you ever turned down a therapist because of the way they look?

It may sound shallow, but yes we have. We specialise in erotic styles so it’s important the client is attracted to their therapist. Though they are all very beautiful, we understand every individual has different tastes in women. We therefore allow customers to choose their masseuse when they arrive at the parlour. We have everything from petite little minx’ to voluptuous curvy girls. There’s something for everyone!

How do you ensure the girls are clean?

It’s part of our policy that a condom is worn throughout oral and penetration. You can request oral without condom, but this is classified as an extra. As a precaution all of our therapists are full STI tested on a fortnightly basis.

Do the masseuses ever turn clients away?

Yes, but the reasoning might not be what you expected. Our masseuses’ don’t care if you’re old, young or have a small penis. As long as you’re polite and hygienic they’re happy to give you an amazing session. We sometimes have clients who’ve definitely not showered in a few days. I can’t stress more that cleanliness is important – therapists will turn you away with you have bad odour! We also refuse to serve clients who are drunk.

Do the masseuses have relationships outside of work?

It depends on the girl, but more masseuses than what you probably think are actually in a relationship. Some of their partners are based back in Asia and are content with their other half spending a few months in the parlour to boost their funds for the future – that’s exactly what I did back in the day! Since moving to London, some have become romantically involved with English-men and are completely honest with what they do. In this day and age more people are open minded, erotic massage isn’t exactly cheating.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed?

Most of the weird request and fetishes go on behind the closed doors of our massaging rooms. However, we do have guys who want to get everyone involved! One rich guy rented the whole parlour and insisted to watch all of the girls on the toilet with the door open. It may sound creepy, but the guy was harmless and it was obviously just a bizarre fetish. It did give the masseuses a giggle afterwards!

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