The 8 secrets to giving an amazing Body to Body massage

Giving a massage is not as simple as it looks- it is an art; a skill. Learning how to give a truly authentic body to body massage can take years of training and determination, but there are ways to perfect technique quicker. All you need to do is follow the right manuals. Body to body massage falls under the umbrella of oriental massage, which is a category that incorporates sexual stimulation into the practice. However, they aren’t as pornographic as they may sound- they are an adventure of the senses, body and mind. If you would like to feel sexually and spiritually connected with your partner, explore body to body massage in the comfort of your home. Here is what you need to do:

1. Keep plenty of time aside

If there’s one thing you should never do during a body to body massage, its rush. Make sure you’ve set aside at least two hours so that you can also relax before and after the massage. That is important. Turn off your phones, dim the lights and sit down and have a light dinner. Not hungry? Enjoy a relaxing shower or bath with your partner beforehand to ease your mind and to fall into mental tranquillity. Turn off your phones, tablets, televisions and radios, and just enjoy one another’s company. Body to body massages can be incredibly spiritual and romantic, so alternative distractions will affect the intensity of the session. Basically, clear your mind and outside noise, and feel a connection with your partner.

2. Set the mood

Setting the mood is incredibly important, and can impact the effectiveness of the massage. So before you get down to the dirty, dim the lights, scatter some candles around the room, play some quiet, relaxing music and have plenty of fresh towels ready. Combine this with your romantic shower and intimate dinner, you’ll feel mentally, spiritually and physically connected with your partner.

3. Make sure you have the necessities

Unlike some other oriental styles, several items are needed to perform this massage. To start, oil is an imperative purchase. Make sure you have massage oil and have prepared it accordingly to the instructions on the bottle. Secondly, body to body massage can get a little messy for obvious reasons. You will need to purchase either a protective cover for your bed or a special mattress designed for this massage. Either will suffice. Finally, make sure you have plenty of clean towels at hand. Massage oil can be one slippery component, so you will need them at some point.

4. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you

If you’re new to body to body, the first time can be nerve wracking. You’re exposing yourself both physically and mentally, and the intricacies of the massage can seem intimidating at first. However, all it takes is some deep breathing and relaxation to get into the zone. However, you must always remember to stay confident. Your body is an incredibly thing, but being uncertain of your ability to perform an authentic massage could make it awkward for you and your partner. It’s a learning curve- so embrace and enjoy it!

5. Take it slow to begin with

Easing into the massage in the beginning is very important, because it can pave the way for the vibe and feel of the session. Start by asking your partner to lie on their back, and gently drizzle some massage oil onto their body; rubbing it sensually all over their body. Begin with a standard body massage, and pay particular attention to areas that are tight and stiff- such as the back and the legs. This will relax your partner and will you the confidence to progress into more erotic techniques. Execute various massage techniques, including kneading, stroking, effleurage and pressing. This will ease built up tension across the body and will send your partner into a deep state of relaxation. Achieving this will make the introduction of sexual activity even more intense and pleasurable.

6. Embrace the energy

Experienced practitioners of body to body massage understand that various energies flow through the body, creating harmony in our mind, body and soul. As a beginner, you might not have a great understanding of this, but you can still feel the surges of energy in your partner and work to utilise them. Connect emotionally through touch and romance. Feel a sexual connection between the two of you, and feed it by caressing every curve on their body.

7. Give body to body a go

Once you’re both hot and steamy, progress to the sexual stage of the massage- the body to body interaction. Reapply some massage oil, and this time, rub it into your own body too. Straddle your partner and begin gently and slowly rubbing your body close to theirs, remaining conscious of your weight. Slide up and down their body, massage their arms and erotically kiss their neck. Your partner will be overcome with sexual energy and arousal, paving the way for even more sexual interaction. But always remember- don’t rush. Arousal should be fed gradually, so that if and when you decide to have sex, the feelings will be more intense and animalistic. Trust us, you don’t want to dive straight in!

8. Remember to cool down

Even after the massage has ended and both you and your partner have experienced your ‘releases’, you should continue to relax and should also remain sensual with one another. The benefits of body to body massage can last long after the session has finished, but this is dependent on how you act after the massage. For example, don’t get up and continue with your day, proceed to have some romantic one-on-one time with your significant other and keep the spirituality of the massage very much alive. You could feel amazing for days if you choose to do so.

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