Best sexy Halloween costume ideas for a sensual erotic massage

Making love through an erotic massage session is a sensual and arousing experience, however, throw in some fun and games and it is a whole new level of pleasure. As it is the month of October and Halloween is fast approaching, what better way to have some fun then to dress up in a sexy costume for your man while giving him an erotic massage?

Halloween gives you the chance to be the person that you only fantasize about being. You can walk into a party dressed as Britney Spears and leave with Justin Timberlake, then enjoy a sexy steamy night of passionate sex. In fact, according to a new survey by LifeStyles condoms, Millennials are totally into role-playing, whether it’s Halloween or any other day of the year.

Costumes allow couples to experience role-play and it is an amazing way to begin foreplay. It is a different kind of intimacy and you can transform into anything you want while pleasuring one another. You can live out all

of your fantasies and fulfil each other’s sexual needs and desires all while feeling incredibly sexy and confident.

I asked several men what gets them turned on the most when it comes to role play costumes and here were the top 5;

1. Head Mistress

Everyone loves to stand up to authority as it gives us an adrenaline rush and it is fun to break the rules sometimes. In a sexy head mistress outfit you can make your man obey you and teach him a lesson. Make him lie down on the bed while you tease and tickle him, slowly stripping off his clothes and making him yearn for you. Use cool oils to rub all over his body, massaging him to the point of relaxation before you begin to please him sexually. The authority will drive him crazy and he will be like a naughty school boy looking for attention.

2. Nurse

Everyone enjoys been cared for, especially if it is by a sexy nurse. Take care of you’re a man by making a nice meal for him, showering him and giving him a sensual massage. This will help eliminate all of his stress and worries and he will feel soothed. You could give him a lingam massage, Nuru massage, or give him the proper nurse treatment with a prostate massage. Nurture him back to health with an erotic massage that will benefit his mind, body and soul.

3. Maid

Every man wants what they can’t have, especially if that something is hit sweet and sexy house maid. You will look extra saucy in a short white and black dress and little duster. You can use the duster to tickle and tease your man, rubbing it gently along his private parts until he becomes aroused. You can get your man to make a mess in the kitchen, and then you can come clean it up for him while you kiss passionately, exchanging strokes and rubs.

4. School Girl

Take it back to your schools days as a naughty school girl. Your man will not be able to keep it in his pants if you strut around in a short skirt with an innocence that is sexy. You can pretend you are in a lesson together and teach each other sexy lessons filled with new positions. Give him a cheeky and playful massage that will drive him crazy, and you will both have a laugh together.

5. Dominatrix

Be a boss lady and be in control of your man! This costume enables you to dominate your man to the point of climax. You will look and feel incredibly sexy, and it will give you the confidence to play with your man just how you like. You can massage him sensually yet intensely, making all of his muscles and joints feel relaxed and his penis aroused. Use props such as whips and ties; cover his eyes to imagine how good you look before you reveal to him your amazing costume.

Role play and dressing up for erotic massage is the perfect way to have some sexy Halloween fun. It brings fire and passion back into the bedroom and you will both have a lot of fun. It is the perfect way to try new positions or new things that you may have never down before. Although it is good to be yourself, it is exciting to dress up every now and again and have that confidence to be whoever you want to be. Your man will certainly find it extremely sexy and will want you to do it a lot more than just at Halloween!

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