The difference between Traditional, Erotic and Exotic massage

The list of massage styles is endless. There are so many styles available across the world, it is difficult to name them all, but almost everyone has at least heard of the popular styles. Whether you’re interested in training to be a masseuse or would just like to experience one, you should probably be aware of the different categories massage styles can fall into.

For example, there are ‘special massages’ that have become more popular over recent years which are based on modern techniques but with an added twist. As a massage therapist or as a paying client, you should have a basic understanding of all kinds of massage- new and old. Why? Well it’s simple. Most massages are designed to treat specific areas of the body or to cure certain illnesses, so it’s relevant to know whether a massage will actually make a difference to your body. So, what are the differences between massage styles?


When we refer to ‘traditional massage’, we often mean massages that are well-known and widely practiced. Take Swedish massage for example- this is one of, if not the most popular style in the western wall, and has actually inspired the development of many other styles. In fact, Swedish massage is renowned; people often refer to it as the ‘common massage’. It is considered that this is one of the easiest styles to perform. However, as mentioned before, Swedish massage has been adapted and enhanced many times to create new styles- all of which aren’t as easy. In most circumstances, trainee masseuses are taught how to firstly give Swedish massages, because the techniques used form the basis of many other styles. Adaptations are made to this style to create others, such as hot stone massage which incorporates volcanic stones to heat various parts of the body. However, after the stones have been used, masseuses will perform a normal, traditional massage. Ultimately, if any salons advertise a ‘normal massage’, the chances are they mean a Swedish one. Alternatively, if you’re training, this is likely to be the first style you learn.

Erotic massage

Arguably the most controversial category of all, erotic massage is an umbrella of styles that incorporates traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. Erotic massages have been practiced for centuries and focus on stimulating the erogenous zones before progression deeper into erotic play. Although this branch of massage has had a poor reputation for years, it is only in recent years that people have come to appreciate and understand the dynamics of the massage styles.

Of course, the most prevalent difference between these and traditional massages is the area of focus. Whilst Swedish massage focuses on the muscles, erotic massages pay attention to intimate regions. Although the general consensus is that erotic massages are ‘shady’, they can actually be used to treat various illnesses. This legitimate form of massage is built upon the same principles that normal massage are. It is understood that the body is made up of various energies known as ‘chakras’ that determine the body’s equilibrium. Like normal massage, erotic massage works to balance the chakras and regain peace within the body. Erotic massages can:


  • Cure anxiety
  • Relieve headaches
  • Help sports related injuries
  • Ease stress and cure insomnia
  • Help digestive disorders
  • Improve the function of the immune system

However, if you do have any underlying illnesses, always seek advice from a medical professional before taking the plunge.

Exotic massage

Last but not least, we have exotic massage. People are often surprised to learn that erotic and exotic massages are completely different- despite sharing a similar name. Whilst erotic massage seeks to stimulate the erogenous zones (which is considered to be erotic), exotic massage is a name adopted to describe ‘unusual’ or uncommon massage styles.

Most exotic styles originate from places such as China, Japan and Hawaii, because most styles originating from these places are based on ancient oriental philosophy. Whether you’d like to enjoy an exotic massage or want to study the art, most styles are available at most salons. Lomi- Lomi massage, one of the most commonly-used styles originated in Hawaii, and is known to heal the body and relieve aches and pains. Similarly, the Reiki massage, a Japanese creation, takes a most spiritual approach, whereby masseuses barely even touch the clients, and instead, use energy to create change.

Now you know the difference between the massage categories, you’ll be able to select the best style for you and your body. Our speciality is erotic massage London so for more information visit