Life as an erotic masseuse – the weird fetishes of my clients

There are many attributes which make a good erotic masseuse, you obviously have to be damn sexy, great at massaging and have a super high sex-drive. However, there is one quality which often gets brushed over, that being an open-mind. Without an open-mind you probably won’t last long in this industry, not only do have to become totally cool with sleeping with men twice (sometimes three times you age) but you have to get used to a whole new kettle of fish, fetishes. And I’m not talking about standard bondage, stocking and foot fetishes. In my 10 years of working as an erotic masseuse I saw my clients ask for the wonderful, weird and downright whacky. And here I am to tell you more…

Working in the adult erotic massage world quickly makes you accustom to erotic terminology. During my first week of working in a salon in London I was asked by manager if I was ‘cool to golden shower on a client’ ok, so it may be obvious but for those who don’t know a golden shower is essentially a synonym for weeing on your customer. My jaw dropped to the floor as my belly began to do somersaults but I decided I was going to do it.

Many people don’t know, but many erotic therapists money is made by extras. Our bosses (or pimps if you would like) would take a fee for taking our bookings and organising us with treatment rooms out of our erotic massage price. However, money made by customer fetishes and requests was all our own. So essentially, the more fetishes you agreed to the more money you would make. We decided that £50 was a fair amount for a golden shower. Before the session, I drank plenty of water and put off going to the toilet. After all, this client was paying good money – he didn’t just want a trickle. The client requested for the golden shower to be the finale, so after giving the erotic massage (and the sexy bits) I slid my dainty figure down to his manhood and began to squat. The only time I usually squat is in the gym! He gazed into my eyes as he took a deep breath, he knew what was to come and boy I could see his excitement. I began to pee all over his penis, he started to shake as he shot out a whole humungous load. I moaned and groaned, but secretly I couldn’t stop myself from thinking ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’ Usually after a client ejaculates we usually lay there and cuddle for a bit, but I’ve got to say – urine stinks! I couldn’t really stand the stench as I lay down next to his pee-soaked penis. I quickly escorted him to the shower to wash out my own wee from his manhood, sexy eh? Since, I have performed countless golden showers (some men even call it water sports) and I can’t say they faze me anymore. After all, we all wee – right?

Forgot golden showers we’ve moved on, allow me to tell you about brown showers. And yes, you guessed it – a brown shower involves the masseuse excreting on the client. I must say, this request is rare – but I would probably need more than two hands to count how many times I have been asked it. Earlier I mentioned that as an erotic masseuse you need to have an open-mind, but with an open-mind you need boundaries. Sadly brown showers are past my limit, but I have known a few therapists who are willing to fulfil the fetish. If you’re wondering guys the going rate for a brown showers is £100. Poopin’ hell!

One of the most popular client fetishes is dress up and at the parlour I worked at, we have a kind of adult dressing-up box, were we could put on a costume to fulfil every client’s wildest fantasy. Naughty nurse, mesmerising maid and sultry school girl, believe me I have dressed as them all. But there was one dress up I struggled to get my head around and you probably will too. I was asked to dress as a baby.

When there is a costume we don’t have at the salon, we request the client bring their own in. I guided the client to the room as he pulled out a dummy, an adult-sized baby grow and nappy. My eyes popped out of my head, literally. But I was getting paid good money for this so it was important I remained professional. He was a middle-aged Asian man, who didn’t show any indication for a baby fetish, which I don’t know if it made it better or worse? As I was changing, the client talked me through their requests. He instructed that while I rub him down I should cry, as a warning that I want him to change my dummy for his penis. In the mean time, the tears should stop as I perform oral. As I finish giving him oral, I should begin to cry again – but this time for him to slip off my nappy to treat me to sex. Despite agreeing to it all, I couldn’t help but find it super freaky that this 50+ man wanted to see me sexually behave as an infant. That shouldn’t really be a thing, should it? After the session I quickly turned to Google to see if other people had a fetish for baby roleplay and to my surprise they did. In fact, it’s so common it’s known as two things, Paraphilic infantilism and autonepiophilia. So of course, I did find it a bit weird – but I must stress that you must not associate this fetish with paedophiles. Though they enjoying seeing their sexual partner dress up as a baby, they do not have any intention to have sexual relations with children. Since, I’ve catered for various clients who have a fetish for Paraphilic infantilism. After speaking to many masseuses in the adult industry it seems the fetish is growing in popularity – mind-blowing eh?

And that is the end of my weird fetishes, I could tell you of more but I’d be here all day! Of course, the key to being a successful erotic masseuse is to have an open-mind, as you come accustom to the most wonderfully bizarre turn-ons – but would you be able to do it?
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