Nine top tips for getting tantalising incall massage

High class therapist Suki Wain explains the top 10 tips for a tantalising incall massage.

1. Book beforehand!

The first thing you should do before coming for an incall massage is book an appointment. Erotic massage parlours are busy places, so the last thing you want to be doing is hanging around waiting for a therapist to become available. Booking beforehand also ensures your session commences in your chosen time slot, with your first choice of girl.

2. Have a wash!

I can’t stress enough that washing before you come for an erotic massage is a MUST. Good hygiene is common courtesy and no therapist wants to be massaging your dirty/stinky body. If you are paying a visit to the parlour straight from work then don’t worry about nipping home for a shower, as we have complimentary bathing facilities on site which you can use before your massage.

3. Don’t worry about shaving!

A common misconception is that you’ve got to be fully shaven to come for an erotic massage, but this couldn’t be more far from the truth. It’s natural to have a bit of leg, chest and pubic hair, so let it all hang out! After all, us masseuses see everything – and we mean EVERYTHING, we’re definitely not going to be put out with a little bit of hair.

4. Do wear some comfy clothes!

As you probably are aware, erotic massages are performed naked. Therefore, do wear clothing that can be easily slipped in and out of. The less time it takes you to get undressed, the more time you’ll have to get frisky with your masseuse. Do you like my trail of thought here?

5. Do have a light snack!

Erotic massages are ultra-relaxing and can make your whole body and mind feel a little lightheaded if a light snack isn’t eaten beforehand. My top suggestions are something slightly healthy, like a piece of fruit, nuts or cereal bar. However, do avoid a big meal or anything too stodgy. Massaging on a full tummy is not too clever for your bowel system. The last thing you want to be doing is letting go of your bodily functions when you’re getting jiggy with a gorgeous therapist.

6. Do go with an idea of what services you want!

Therapists dedicate a small part of the session to discuss the services and sexual preferences of the client. So if you want to make this part as short as possible (and ultimately have more time for the massage) then do go with an idea of what you want. You can see the service pages here which will help you make your decision. All erotic therapists offer happy ending (massage and hand relief) and full service (massage, oral and penetration) so be sure to know which package you are going to opt for.

7. Do arrive on time

As expressed before, erotic massage parlours have a high turnover with clients coming and going ALL the time. Turning up late is not only rude, but it also runs the risk of you being turned away for your massage or facing a long delay until a time slot comes available. So yeah, please arrive on time!

8. Do bring enough cash

Most erotic massage parlours only operate cash payment, so it’s important to have the correct money to hand when you come for an incall. The service pages often show the charges or do feel free to ring the agency, who will be more than helpful in totalling up the cost for your booking. Most therapists usually get the money side out of the way first, so you can get straight down to naughty business!

9. And do enjoy it!

An erotic massage is a once in a life-time experience, so make sure to kick back and relax and enjoy yourself! You’re about to be immersed into seventh heaven thrills, with a super-hot oriental girl – opportunities don’t come around like this every day. So enjoy, you deserve it!

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