The ultimate guide to 4 Hands body to body massage for beginners

Ever heard of the 4 Hands massage? It is one of the most sensational, mesmerisingly unique therapies you can find. As the name suggests, the four hands is performed by two masseuses who use their two pairs of hands (four) to stimulate the client. A massage is already extremely beneficial for the body, providing a wealth of good including stress relief, promoting joint flexibility and easing sore muscles. But a four hands massage can take everything that one step further (or maybe two!).

So how does it work? A four hands massage is all about teamwork. The two masseuses work in synchrony with each other, responding not only to your reactions but they are also aware of each other’s movements. One masseuse will lead with soft, flowing strokes while the other follows closely behind with her matching movements. Typically, each masseuse will work on a different part of the body – for example, one will focus on the upper body while the other will do the lower. This ensures that every part of the body is stimulated at the same time. The synchronised strokes across the body are also mesmerising and soothing. While you lie there with your eyes closed, you will probably zone out, which is what makes a four hands massage so excellent for achieving deep relaxation and stress relief.

How about a body to body massage?

A classic body to body massage is a very sensual experience. Often classed as an adult massage, it involves a masseuse using her body to massage you. She may also use her hands, but the bulk of it is her using the curves of her body, the softness of her skin and her bodyweight to stimulate you. Typically, the masseuse will cover the very happy client in massage oil and use the slipperiness of the oil to slide over their body. Usually this massage is performed naked. It allows for full bodily, skin-to-skin contact which has been proven to be extremely soothing and comforting. Have you ever noticed that a hug can be the best thing when you’re feeling down? Well, a body to body massage is based on that theory except it’s more of a naked hug. Even better, right?

What happens in a 4 Hands body to body massage?

Now you know what happens in a classic body to body massage. So what about a 4 Hands one? Well, you already know that a four hands massage involves two masseuses, so a four hands body to body massage is one with two girls. It’s the same principle, but instead of one masseuse, it involves two using their bodies to stimulate you. Imagine two oiled bodies sliding against your bare skin. Needless to say, it’s quite a sexually arousing massage. It’s no wonder people have claimed it to be one of the best sessions and the most sensational.

What if I’m shy or uncomfortable with being naked?

First of all, you should be more confident! A body to body massage can promote body confidence and self-assurance, so we’d highly recommend the full naked experience if you want to feel a confidence boost. But if you’re shy or simply wish to be more modest, a body to body masseuse can still perform the massage in swimwear. Please bring swimming trunks because massage oil soaked into your boxers isn’t a pleasant experience! The oil is more easily washed off swimwear.

What do I need to bring?

  • Cash – a lot of these salons and parlours operate via cash transactions and do not accept card, so bear this in mind when you turn up
  • Swimming trunks – if you’re shy or want to be more modest, bring swimwear to cover yourself up. But be advised that a body to body massage doesn’t allow for much covering up as it’s all about skin-to-skin contact, unless you want massage oil all over your clothes
  • A change of clothes – a body to body massage may involve a shower with the masseuse and after that, you might want a fresh change of clothes

Apart from these things, you don’t need anything else but yourself! Remember to stay calm and relaxed. Don’t be nervous. The masseuses will make you feel at home and relaxed inside and out. A body to body massage is an amazingly sensual experience and sharing it with two girls would make it even more special.

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