The biggest kept secret in London

Ever heard of an exclusive party happening, the kind where you need a secret password to get in, three knocks and the magic word? Ever overheard a group of people discussing that secret location where the biggest and best musicians play an intimate set under candle light, the kind of place where you can smoke inside and get drinks brought to your table? Ever wondered which Facebook group you need to join, which mailing list you need to be subscribed to in order to be informed about the good stuff? Well wonder no longer.

I have gained inside knowledge as to the best erotic tantric massage parlour in London. And take my word for it or don’t but after visiting this place on the recommendation of a colleague realised I’d come across something rather special. The trouble with trying to find a good quality erotic tantric massage parlour is that it’s not really something you can ask people about socially. Don’t ask me why, we all know anything remotely sexual in this country is covered so much by red tape even to say the words in a public place is considered a massive taboo. Tantric massages are the Voldermort of this world. I’d never really given it much thought to be honest. I’d accepted that people find discussing anything sexual uncomfortable and that was that. My acceptance of this social faux pas changed however after I was finally initiated in to the inner circle by a work colleague. He told me about the place in hushed voices and scribbled down the number on the back of a post it note.

A bit of back story, since moving to London in 2015 from my hometown in Kent I had thrown myself in to work. Long hours, meetings, more meetings, stress and complete and utter exhaustion had left me with little to no social life. I could barely find time to make friends let alone get a girlfriend. Alone and restless I tried internet dating but despite what people will tell you, it’s near impossible to find a girl that just wants to hook up. I spent Sunday mornings going to parks, eating overpriced brunches, shopping, with women that just wanted someone to listen to their problems and stories about their travels abroad. Even the slight suggestion of sex was confronted with scornful looks as though I was some kind of evil predator. I knew I wasn’t at a point in my life where I wanted to find the one, to settle down, to get a mortgage- I needed to focus on work, but why should that mean I could get some sexual relief?

This is where my colleague came in. I explained my predicament and he assured me that there was a place for me to go. I’ll admit I had my scepticisms; I wasn’t exactly going to write home about it but I figured why not, give it a go. And frankly, now having actually gone to a reputable erotic happy ending massage London parlour, I’m annoyed at my naive self for ever feeling remotely embarrassed about opting for the service.

There is a serious problem in our society where we are made to feel shame about sex, why does it have to be this secret, dirty thing? It’s natural and important for our mental and physical well-being. Before I went for my tantric massage all my muscles were tense, I’d had a persistent headache for about two weeks and I was battling low key depression. After the sensual touch of a trained professional, someone who was able to unknot all my tightly wound muscles as well as taking me to a place of euphoric bliss, I felt alive again! My headache had vanished, my posture had improved, I felt lighter and generally a lot happier. So I ask you, what’s ‘bad’ about that? Seriously, what is wrong to recognise a lack in oneself and then seek treatment?

I understand there are some dodgy places out there, but I’m not encouraging you to seek out your nearest crack den brothel, I am filling you in on the lonely cities best kept secret.

If you can relate to any of this, if you’re looking for a solution, believe me here and take it. Go visit tantric massage london page or just call this number 07823680039 and book yourself an appointment. Tell them Danny sent you.