Is DIY massage the solution to cure your acne?

 Acne is a common skin condition which affected a staggering 633 million people worldwide in 2015. The minor disease occurs when the hair follicles become blocked by dead cells and oil from the skin. Acne primarily affects the skin with a high number of oil glands, these being the face, upper chest and back. The skin condition causes blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, oily skin and sometimes even scarring. The unpleasant appearance can often result in the individual feeling anxious and suffer self-esteem issues.

What causes acne?

-In about 80 per cent of cases genetics the primary cause of acne.

-In both genders, puberty causes hormonal changes including increased testosterone levels. Increased testosterone causes the body to produce more Sebum (an oily and waxy substance) than the skin needs, which ultimately results in acne.

-Acne affects more women than men. Flare ups for women commonly occur just before a before a period and during pregnancy. Polycystic ovary syndrome has also proven to trigger acne.

-Smoking has been deemed a contributing factor, particularly in older people.

How is acne treated?

Like any other disease, there is a range of treatment available to help clear the condition. Every case of acne is different and depending on the severity of the case helps decide the treatment which should be used. It can often take several months of treating acne before the symptoms can improve.

– Every acne sufferer is advised to make dietary changes to help clear the skin. Drinking more water and consuming less carbohydrates and sugar has proven to be effective.

-Minor acne is usually successfully treated with over-the-counter gels and creams which include benzoyl peroxide. Those who suffer from severe acne are advised to consult their GP who are able to prescribe antibiotics when the condition has become widespread and painful.

However, as acne is a long-term condition to treat, sufferers can endure side effects or even become immune to the medication itself, causing the condition to worsen.

Therefore many seek natural treatments which pose little or no side effects. Ever considered acne massage as an alternative or complimentary treatment? Massaging certain points of the face can reduce acne breakouts and help prevent acne becoming onset in the future.

The history

Massage therapy for clearer complexions dates back as far as 5000 years ago when Ancient Egyptian women sought facials to tackle blemishes and beauty purposes. Due to undeniable results, many nations followed suit.

Chinese medical science used the ideology that acne breakouts are triggered by the imbalance of Chi in the body. Therefore by pressing and stroking certain points of the energy centres (meridans) the energy flow is restored and ultimately cures existing acne. The Ancient Indian medical practice of Ayurveda uses natural oils and facial packs to help cure skin conditions. They are credited for introducing substances such as aloe vera and honey to tackle acne.

How to perform acne massage?

Acne massage is simple, but can be insanely effective! You can either perform the massage yourself or get a family member or friend to help out. The whole procedure takes no longer than five minutes and for successful results, should be carried out daily.

-Before the massage, wash your face and hands to prevent manoeuvring waste products and toxins around your skin.

-If you want to use a massaging lubricant make sure choose a natural formula such as green tea bags, grapefruit seed extracts or oils including coconut and sesame. Alternatively, massage can be just as effective with bare hands.

-With your thumbs firmly grip your jaw and tightly press your fingers into your cheek, performing pressing and kneading strokes from the centre of your face inwards. Repeat at least three times.

-Transition up towards your forehead and continue with the same kneading and pressing sensations.

-Lightly pinch the skin several times for about 30 seconds.

-Knead and draw circular motions on the jugular veins on the side of the neck.

-Finally use soft, light and soothing strokes of effleurage on the outer part of the chest (close to the arm pits) this helps to achieve a clearer complexion by activating chi.

Helpful products for acne massage

Aloe vera

If you’re just starting out with massaging your acne then it’s advised you try aloe vera. Apply light pressure and perform circular motions to cover the acne or scars with the formula. Leave on for 90 minutes before you wash off.

Green tea

Drink green tea? Well you’re in luck! Your used green tea bags can be useful. Massage the tea bags over your acne prone areas. Green tea has proven to have the same effects as benzoyl peroxide, tackling dried up acne and reducing its inflamed areas. Black tea and chamomile can also be used.

Grapefruit seed oil

Mixing water with grapefruit seed oil provides a smooth and enjoyable texture on your face and is often more soothing than bare hands. However, don’t use the substance if you are suffering from zits or blisters as the grapefruit acids can stimulate a burning sensation.

Before your massage

So, we’ve probably twisted your arm that you NEED massage to treat your acne. But don’t dive in – talk to your doctor to discuss if massage therapy is the right procedure to treat your condition. Some rare kings of acne should always avoid being touched. However, once you’ve got your GP’s approval go ahead! It provides enjoyment and relief when living with the often frustrating condition.

… or how about trying tantric massage in London? Acne is caused by stress. Tantric massage’s aim is to relax your body and get rid of all the tension from your muscles. It is the perfect way to forget about all your worries. Your skin and body will thank you for that. Read more about tantric massage London service and don’t hesitate to book it!