Why you should choose an Asian girl for a body to body massage

If you’re a travelling businessman or a busy bee working in London, you might have a schedule so jam-packed that you don’t even know the meaning of pleasure anymore. You work so late, are up so early and are in meetings and jetting off to conferences every weekend that you don’t have time to let loose. And what about meeting new people? Do you even know what it feels like to be with a woman? If this sounds a lot like you, you should consider getting an erotic tantric massage. In a place as big as London, you can easily find thousands of massage parlours and agencies. Sift carefully though and you’ll find the quality ones offering authentic services with the most exquisite women.

In the ocean of erotic massages and gorgeous girls available to provide it in London, you might be lost. Which do you choose? Do you go for a statuesque Venezuelan or a gorgeous Italian? What about a leggy Swedish girl or that adorable Australian? Instead of drowning in this ocean of sexy women (which, in our opinion, doesn’t sound like too bad of a death), we’re here to tell you why Asian girls are the best choice for a naked body massage.


Aren’t they usually small and skinny?

No, not necessarily. Just like how you might get smaller, dark haired Russians, you can get tall Asian girls with a bit more meat on their bones. There are plenty of leggy oriental beauties with the most sensuous, flowing curves. Yes, it’s true that Asian girls tend to be more ‘petite’ and smaller hipped than the average, say, Caucasian woman, but there are many that are not.

Some of the best things though are that Asian girls are usually blessed with tiny waists, long, slender limbs and delectably soft skin. During a body to body massage, the masseuse will use her body to massage the receiver. Using silky massage oils as lubricant, she will slide the delicious curves of her smooth skin and curves along the receiver’s body, which will become increasingly excited. Women tend to have softer skin than men because they are more dedicated to moisturising. Asian women in particular are very big on skincare, and will invest the most time and best products to maintain their beauty. As a result, Asian girls usually have the softest touch, which is a very pleasurable factor when it comes to the body to body massage.

What if I want a busty, curvy lady?

Asian girls are well-known for their petite figures and smaller busts. But of course, this doesn’t apply to all Asians. There are some that naturally have medium, large or even exceptionally large busts. And whether this surprises you or not, breast enhancement is very popular these days – even among masseuses of other ethnicities! There are quite a few Asian masseuses who are enhancing their bust, so don’t be too surprised if your chosen lady greets you with a lovely, round pair.

As for curves, plenty of oriental girls have gorgeous figures. Think a tiny, slim waist you can wrap your hands around, long legs to stroke and a wonderfully perky butt you can just grab. It’s not just Brazilians who have Amazonian legs or Colombians with their round bubble butts. Yes, Asian girls are fighting back the stereotype now!

And one of the best things about a slim Asian girl is their toned, tight body. And by that, we mean exactly what you think we mean. It just feels better!

Asian girls are just more sensual and submissive

Again, another stereotype but one that many masseuses play along to. For many men, it’s a fantasy to bend a gorgeous woman to their will and use her body for their sexual needs. When it comes to Asians, many men assume that they are more submissive. You only need to watch a few porn clips to see where they got that thought from. Whether or not Asian girls are more submissive depends on the individual person. But their different culture plays a role. Still, even the most dominant of oriental masseuses will be wailing submissive maidens if their client wants them to.

Asian girls are more exotic

There’s something called ‘the Yellow Fever’, which is actually nothing to do with jaundice. It’s actually the term used to describe the sexual preference men have for East Asian women. Sometimes it’s even a fetish. There are plenty of dating websites dedicated to help men with ‘the yellow fever’ find Asian women. These days, Asians are increasingly being seen as a desirable partner.

When it comes something like a tantric massage or a happy ending massage, it’s best to get a session with an Asian girl. Why? Well you see, these therapies originate from Asia. Nuru and body to body massage were created by sex workers in Japan’s red light districts when their government made prostitution illegal. Instead, they began selling erotic massages and sensual baths. It’s just like getting lasagne – it’s always better when you get it from an authentic Italian restaurant and made by a trained Italian chef. These massages were born and perfected in Asia. The best providers of these services are real Asian parlours whose therapists have been trained in the authentic tantric ways.

Okay I’m sold! Where can I get one with a proper Asian masseuse for the best genuine Asian body to body massage London?

Good to hear! There are plenty of parlours whose details you can find on search engines and websites such as Craigslist, Yelp and escort directories. However, we actually provide an adult, naked massage service that can be personalised and catered perfectly for your individual needs. Our host of gorgeous ladies have been authentically trained in tantra, lingam and prostate services so you can be sure you’re getting a genuine oriental experience.

Just remember: there’s nothing more satisfying and exotic than getting a happy ending from a stunning oriental goddess with a slim, tight body and gentle hands.

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