Love and sexual energy- the key ingredients of a Body to Body Massage

Body to Body massage is an oriental massage that incorporates traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. Although intensely erotic, they’re also mentally inspiring and spiritual. Although they do fall into the Asian category of massage, they’re not entirely sexual. They go far deeper. Body to Body massage involves a trained masseuse, client and plenty of close body contact. Massage oil is used for lubrication, and masseuses literally use their bodies to massage their subjects. Using expert techniques, the muscles are tended to, relaxation is induced and arousal is fed. These heightened senses allow for more refined, holistic pleasure that is rarely achieved by individuals.


Different types of love experienced during a Body to Body massage


Also known as ‘playful love’. It is the affection and flirtation felt between two lovers- often at the beginning of a relationship.


This is a love of the self. The Greeks were very advanced and understood that there was two categories of self-love. The first is childish and narcissistic, whereas the other comprises of a deeper self-knowledge. In other words, we can only love other people to the extent that we love ourselves.


Also known as sexual passion. During the times of the Greek, this was seen as negative, but today, we view it in an opposite light. Originally it was viewed as fiery, irrational and dangerous and could be possessive in nature.


This is selfless love- love for everyone. This is essentially the ideal sought out by most religions.


This is a longstanding, matured type of love that develops over the course of years. This is an understanding that most long-term couples ripen.

How does this relate to sexual energy?

Most men seem to experience sexual energy as a kind of tension or itch which needs to be relieved at the closest opportunity. Most seek their ‘release’ out without realising that they are losing something incredibly valuable. They are losing a critical essence which they could have used to regenerate their being. The truth is sexual energy is a great gift. It is a divine power which can be
pumped up all the way to the brain through the natural channels designed specifically for that reason. It is gift that needs to be harnessed, not neglected.
Love, sexual energy and relationships are all interlinked and are issues which man continues to deliberate over. We need a fresh spiritual understanding, and we need to learn how to approach our partner as a replication of this divine principle. Understanding and manipulating this force allows us the chances to ignite the sexual fire within.
Repression and promiscuity are both adverse and problematic. However, transferal of sexual energy is entirely different and can bring tranquillity and peace. Nowadays, sexual energy is usually experience at a physical level because most people fail to realise the power of sublimation. As such, their energy gets detached. This is not the case during a Body to Body massage. Love and energy is connected on a spiritual level; often starting with the mental assembly. In other terms, physical energy becomes more enhanced when birthed from a deeper connection spiritually. This is exactly what Body to Body massage looks to achieve, and it does so by remaining slow, sensual and intimate throughout.

Why sexual energy and love is important

Ultimately, sexual energy and love are the main ingredients in a Body to Body massage. They are what separate oriental massage from bog standard sexual encounters. Sexual energy is often mistaken for lust- lust that is fed quickly and efficiently, rather than slowly and sensually.
Understanding and harnessing the power of love and sexual energy is what transforms sexual pleasure into something holistic and life altering. Body to Body massages are widely practiced because they combine erotica with sexual energy and love. They are a combine animalistic lust with mystical practice. They are unique. They are healing. They are wondrous.
If you’d like to experience the power of sexual energy love, schedule in with an expert masseuse today and let her take you on a journey of soulful exploration.



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