Reasons to massage your prostate

There are not many massages that are solely focused on the man and his pleasure. And there are not many massages that are geared towards foreplay for the man. In the western world, a massage for the man would be a standard back rub but recently, the sensual practices of the East have come to our attention and there is much more to male sexuality than traditionally thought.

Unearth the male G-Spot!

If this is viewed from the perspective of tantric philosophy then we find that a reoccurring theme runs through the entire topic of male sexual practice. Mainly, the prostate gland is considered to be the male G-spot and is just as mysterious as the female counterpart!

However, most men are not in touch with this internal gland. Most men do not understand its role in sex or the incredible sexual power that it possesses and releases. It is the arousal and emotional centre of the man and the attempt to understand it will work wonders on the male libido.

Let’s look into this in more detail.

A whole host of intimate and deeply erotic sensations can be felt as a result of caressing, touching and applying light pressure upon the rectal wall which, if touched correctly, stimulates the prostate, resulting in pleasure that is on par with a strong orgasm! If done with sensitivity, the man begins to breathe with greater intensity because of the build up of sexual pleasure. Bear in mind that the prostate is highly sensitive to pressure and only an experienced practitioner should advise on the best methods to apply.

An insight into techniques

For the best results, a gentle hand is required coupled with a basic understanding of male anatomy. So, let us go through some basic techniques that can trigger that heavenly feeling as the tantalizing force waves across the entire body. This is the orgasm!

There are essentially two basic techniques that are outlined below: –

1. Face to face

2. Rear position

Face to face

First and foremost, the need for good physical hygiene for both parties is a must to prevent infections and other problems. The one giving the massage should ensure that finger nails are short without rough edges. Lubricants must be used without exception. K-Y jelly is a particular favourite or some prefer a fragranced gel that emits a nice scent – this is personal preference.

Being face to face with your loved one is the most intimate and intense experience. The one on the receiving end should ideally lie at a 45 degree angle against firm cushions or an inclined bed. The one who is giving this massage should be exceptionally tender and loving towards the receiver. The man would be naturally nervous, especially if it’s the first time so in order to break the ice, the giver should sit on the receiver’s lap and begin with massaging the chest and shoulders. The occasional kiss between movements would be a nice gesture and enough seduction to enhance arousal. Eventually, gentle circular movements should be applied to the abdomen and thighs.

Move on to the crown jewels!

With patience and love, the motions should descend to the genitals and scrotum with a liberal application of lubricant to avoid any uncomfortable burns or too much friction! Maintaining affectionate eye contact, the finger should move to the perineum applying gentle, soothing pressure. For the most satisfying technique, the massage should cover the perineal region and the opening to the anus. Within time, this sensual ceremonial exercise will result in a climax that is just unforgettable! With more practice, another dimension can be added. In unison to the stroking of the prostate with one hand, the other hand can rub the penis in an up-down screwing motion and this is a fast track for the man to climax!

In terms of the rear position, this same technique applies but it is just a case of a different posture. The man situates himself in a ‘doggy’ style with his head firmly rested on a pillow. The rest continues as usual.

And don’t forget basic intuition. The amount of pressure has to be calculated and measured. Too much pressure can bring the session to a premature end or too little brings little benefit. The need for the delicate balance ensures that a variety of sensations are felt, giving an enjoyment in which the feeling of an impending ejaculation is always present. This can be measured by keeping note on how the receiver reacts. Keep note on his breathing, the frequency, the depth and so forth.

By applying the right amount of pressure to the gland, the receiver is always on the brink – this is the closest to multiple orgasms!

Medicinal benefits

Aside from the sexual and libido related benefits of the prostate massage, there is also a lot of emphasis in treating medical conditions using a massage. For instance, a very common problem for men above the age of 50 is prostatitis; a complicated condition that results in increased frequency to urinate, a loss of libido and sometimes a burning sensation when passing water.

Although surgery is the most common route to deal with this inflammatory state, many medical authorities do suggest a prostate massage. This is typically done by a trained physician who would insert his/her finger into the anal canal and gently apply pressure to the prostate gland, using a lubricant. This is a short term solution and is practiced in certain parts of the world than others. China, Thailand, Philippines and the surrounding areas are more open to these practices than say, Europeans but nonetheless, there are benefits to be reaped.

In conclusion, not many are in touch with the male G-Spot yet if they were, sexual intimacy would mean a whole different thing to what it is today. It can work wonders in foreplay, genital stimulation, premature ejaculation and even medical conditions. Without doubt, there are aspects of this ancient tradition that we still have a lot to understand.


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