Six ways massage helps you lose weight

Endless nutrition plans and copious exercise programs swarm the internet in a bid to help people lose weight. However, for most, the strict regimes are hard to maintain, with many quitting before they’ve even noticed any results. What most people do not realise that massage can work wonders for those trying to lose weight – and no, this isn’t too good to be true.

So, massage itself won’t remove cellulite, give you a washboard stomach and shrink your thighs, but it can make you more motivated and determined to stick to a weight loss program. Massage has endless benefits for helping to shred a few pounds. Here are six of the best!

Decreased stress

Working long hours, looking after the children and completing household tasks can make it difficult to find time to cook fresh meals and find a spare hour to go to the gym. Difficult situations make us stressed. When we are stressed our muscle tissues become inflamed by the stress hormone, cortisol – this results in tension particularly in the neck, back and shoulders. One of the best mechanisms of reducing cortisol is by massage. The therapist performs soothing and gentle glides of the effleurage stroke and kneading motions of petrissage. This eliminates stress and realigns the muscle tissues for rewarding relief. Eliminating the stress allows the body and mind to feel refreshed and have a better outlook towards losing weight.

Better sleep

One of the unspoken keys of losing weight is maintaining a regular sleeping pattern. When we endure lack of sleep we lack motivation and avoid fulfilling tasks we often find a chore, some of these being healthy eating and exercise. Those trying to lose weight and struggle to get a good night’s sleep should consult massage therapy. The purpose of the classic massage is to enter the recipient into a serenity of relaxation, with some individuals even drifting off during the bodywork. This is because massage boosts serotonin levels. Serotonin is needed by our bodies to produce melatonin, which is vital for a good quality sleep.

Improves circulation

The manipulation of muscles during a full body massage improves circulation. This makes the blood rich in nutrients and revives the tissues with oxygen. In turn, the metabolism’s waste products are eliminated through urination. A good therapist will make you urge for the toilet after massage! Massage is beneficial complimentary weight loss treatment for those who have an extra few pounds due to fluid retention.

Massage decreases your recovery time

Many athletes or those often participating in physical activity often seek massage to make them feel better after a big event as well as shortening their recovery process. The same principles work for those trying to shed a few pounds. In a bid to lose weight, many of us seek intense exercise programs, including boot camps, pilates and zumba. Though exercise stimulates a euphoric feeling by the rush of endorphins, you are likely to have an onset of muscle soreness the day after. However, treating yourself to massage straight after exercise can help prevent this. The therapist is able to stroke out lactic acids and respiration by-products that build up during exercise. In turn, you will have less aches and pains, as well as having more motivation and a positive attitude towards your next workout.

If you’re regularly exercising to lose weight, you run the risk of becoming injured. However don’t let it put you off, massage can help! The strokes help to heal injuries by breaking down scar tissues and adhesions caused by muscle tears. Massage also reduces nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur which helps to realign the muscle tissue. A speedy recovery will allow you to get back in the gym sooner to get your weight loss program back on track.

It burns calories

Many dieticians advise the key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. While you might get bored of being told to take the stairs or walking the dog to shift a few pounds, you will be pleased to know massage does in fact work all the same. According to a study by, a 160 pound person burns approximately 67 calories during a one hour massage. Though it might only be equivalent to one Kit Kat finger, every little helps when it comes to losing weight! The more firm and vigorous the massage is the more calories you will burn!

Improves range of motion and flexibility

As mention before, massage eliminates cortisol, not only does this encourages stress relief but also enhances range of motion and flexibility. This works as the inflamed, tense areas are massaged out. Improved flexibility enables you to try new exercises you may have abstained from due to restricted movement – including the ferocious Insanity workout. This allows you to take part in complex regimes and not get bored of monotonous basic workouts – allowing losing weight to be spontaneous and not a chore.

So, there you have it – six ways massage can help you lose weight. Who knew something so super relaxing could have such a positive reaction to your body? Consult a licenced massage therapist to discuss your weight loss goals and decide on a style and massage schedule which suits you best. And most of all, enjoy it!

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