5 Reasons to try Nuru massage before you die

Life is short, so what the hell is the harm in exploring new horizons and trying new things? There’s nothing wrong with it- which is why we have a suggestion for you. Nuru massage is an oriental style massage, which ultimately means it combines traditional techniques with sexual stimulation. It might sound a little out of your comfort zone, but you’ll kick yourself for ever doubting it when you finally give it a go. If there is one thing you should do before you die its try Nuru massage. And here’s why:

They are better than sex

Nuru massage is an incredibly pleasurable, erotic style of massage that uses the body of a masseuse to stimulate the client. Unlike traditional massage styles that use the hands, Nuru massage incorporates the body, and involves a masseuse sliding and grinding all over the participant. Hot right? You have no idea! So during a massage, the masseuse executes a variety of sliding, rubbing and gyrating body movements, as well as implicating hand and finger pressure to other areas of the body at the same time.

So not only are you getting a expertise massage, you’re also seeing what it feels like to have a beautiful woman grind all over your naked body. Naturally, Nuru massage is pleasurable, and does incorporate sexual stimulation towards the end of the session. But why is it better than sex? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Nuru massage allows people to experience rising arousal levels throughout the course of the massage so that when the time comes for sex, it’ll be far more intense and pleasurable. Essentially, it’s the ultimate turn on.

They are intensely pleasurable

It doesn’t take an expert to work out that Nuru massages are incredibly pleasurable. Combine the close bodily contact with gradual arousal and physical stimulation and you get the best orgasm you could ever even imagine. Whilst climaxing isn’t necessarily the aim of the massage, it’s an encouraged and welcomes side-effect for sure. And what’s more, people have been known to experience multiple orgasm during one session- so don’t hold back if you feel the urge more than once. As mentioned above, the build-up of sexual tension and the expert touch of the masseuse is a recipe for sexual masterpiece of pleasure. But you’ll never really know until you try it…

They’re unusual

What I love most about Nuru massage is the fact they are so unique. Their exotic, explorative nature is what sets them apart from most over styles- hence why the demand for this unconventional art is on the rise. Classic massages, such as Swedish and Shiatsu, do not incorporate sexual stimulation. Nuru massage on the other hand, does, and for good reason- it allows clients to experience the ultimate release. Masseuses use a special Nuru gel that is incredibly slippery in consistency, and apply that to the body of their clients and their own. This allows them to effortlessly move across the clients’ body. Does it remind you of a slip n slide but with way more sex? Well, you’re right- and isn’t that just awesome?

They’re the new type of foreplay

Foreplay can be very boring- and it ultimately paves the way to sex. If the foreplay is awkward, the sex probably will be too. Nuru massage in an interesting and exciting new form of foreplay that is guaranteed to spice up your sex life. It’ll turn you on beyond belief; it’ll tighten the romantic connection between you and your partner and will make sex far more intense. And what’s more- it’s fun!

They’re good for your health

Believe it or not, Nuru massage is good for you. You might have thought fruit and veg were the only good things for your body, but you are wrong- Nuru is pretty damn cleansing. First and foremost, Nuru massages can be insanely relaxing- which has a massive impact on the body. Feeling relaxed and at ease improves circulation of the blood, improves the function of your internal organs and strengthens your immune system. As well as this, you wouldn’t believe how healthy orgasms are! They create a cocktail of important hormones that make us feel amazing, reduce anxiety and depression and increase of our energy levels. If you want to use these benefits as an excuse to have more sex, then feel free! You can’t argue with science.

Sold? Yep- we knew it! To experience the wonderful world of Nuru massage for yourself, give us a call on the details below and schedule in for a session with a sexy, trained, Asian expert. You’ll not believe how amazing you’ll feel afterwards…


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