Everything a man needs to know before booking a tantric massage

Tantric massage is becoming trendy. Whether people use it for stress release, anger management or for sexual gratification, tantric massage is becoming increasingly accepted in massage therapy circles. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the reputation of the ‘happy ending massage’. An experience that made its name in the red light districts and its way into the hearts of men, the happy ending massage usually exists for the relief of pent-up sexual frustration rather than for any real medical or therapeutic purpose. A tantric massage fuses all of this together – sexual pleasure alongside therapeutic purposes – which is why the therapy is taking off.

It used to be fairly difficult to get a tantric massage, with the majority of high quality services existing solely in parlours in East Asian countries. These days, authentic tantra is reasonably easy to find. Some countries such as Germany and the Czech Republic are said to host tantric spas with exotic menus of the different delights available. As for the United Kingdom, you can easily find a good tantric massage in London, although many may take place in discreet locations because there is still a salacious label attached to the therapy due to its roots.

However, because tantric massage is a relatively new trend to the Western world, there are still some misunderstandings and confusion surrounding this therapy. If you’re a total newbie to the tantric world, you might feel lost. There’s so much to take in after all.

Arguably the most important factor to understand is that there is a difference between using tantric massage for pleasure and using tantric massage for therapy. Although you can combine the two, there are vital differences that you should keep in mind when you’re searching for your perfect tantric massage session.

The pleasurable tantric massage

This is the more popular category. Many people find it easier to give a massage that provides pleasure to the recipient. A pleasurable massage is great if you want to experience relaxation and embrace your sexuality. In this modern age, many people unconsciously put their own pleasure on the backburner in order to please their partner or simply because they are so caught up in their everyday working life, they can’t let go. A tantric massage is wholly worth it because you get to lie back and just receive without a care or troublesome thought in the world – at least for that glorious hour.

A pleasurable massage can be greatly healing and empowering for men who find it hard to express their emotions. Built-up emotions can lead to cracks in personality and the person to eventually lash out, which can affect relationships. When you get a tantric massage, you can just close your eyes and allow yourself to surrender to the wonderful sensations. Tantric massage makes good use of the stop-go technique. This is where the therapist will guide you back and forth from the edge of an orgasm, which will cause the climax to grow stronger and stronger. The eventual orgasm will be a physical manifestation of your tensions and emotions, and when it all floods out of you, you will feel immensely relieved.

The therapeutic tantric massage

While the pleasurable tantric massage can help with emotional healing, some men might be looking for therapeutic healing that is far more targeted. For example, a pleasurable massage might not be so appropriate for people wanting to heal from sexual abuse, trauma or heartbreak. A tantric massage can be effective as a sexual therapy, but it would begin with a series of clothes-on sessions before any items of clothing will be removed (if they are removed at all). Any sort of pleasure might open up a can of worms for the client.

There are many therapists who are trained in tantra and can help male bodies heal from trauma. They are experienced in discovering, isolating and slowly bringing down the blocks and defences that the body has naturally put up as a result of the traumas. When these barriers are gently lowered, the man can begin to properly heal and allow his sexuality to be opened up again.

This sort of therapy is very delicate and sensitive. You should conduct thorough research into which tantric therapists can provide sexual therapy. Those healing from the trauma may experience flashbacks and negative emotions. They might envision the therapist as an attacker. The therapist needs to know how to work around and deal with this so that the client doesn’t dissociate. The therapist needs to be trained in bringing dissociated clients back so that the therapy doesn’t do more harm than good. When you find a good therapist who can develop a strong bond with the client and can help guide them to a state of healing, it is invaluable.

What can you do?

If you’re looking for a tantric massage in London, make sure you know what you want to get out of it. If you’ve had an emotionally traumatic experience in the past, you should seek a therapeutic massage. If you’ve been deeply stressed lately and are looking for a gratifying release, a pleasurable massage would be more appropriate for you. If you’re experiencing sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, fear of intimacy or performance anxiety, a pleasurable tantric massage can help. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you want to achieve from the session.

Where do you look?

Unfortunately, there is no concise directory for massage therapies, least of all one for tantric massage. It’s best to have a search on Google or to ask around for recommendations. Tantra schools, teachers and festivals are often well connected. We offer a range of pleasurable and therapeutic Asian massage therapies in London, including tantric massage, from just £120 an hour incall and £160 an hour outcall. When performed authentically, tantric massage can be one of the most healing and invigorating experiences. It can also be traumatising if you choose the wrong type and a poorly trained therapist who you struggle to bond with. That’s why it’s important to shop around and do your research before settling on a place. Healing comes not just from the session, but from the way you approach it as well. Choose the right session and you may just have the healing, spiritual encounter that reshapes your life.

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