Everything you need to know about soapy massage

For the love of Soap!

Here at our erotic Asian massage parlour in central London, we have an appetite for all things sensual. We believe that massage therapy and sex should go hand in hand, and the more relaxing a session is, the more arousing it is too. We love to get adventurous and try new things, which is why we have recently had 3 new power showers and large bath tub installed – meaning we now offer soapy showers and soapy baths!

What is a soapy shower?

Our soapy shower service is one of our most adventurous and sensual services that we provide which involves the client and masseuse having close interaction in either a shower or bath tub. It is highly relaxing and is perfect either before or after your massage session.

Does the massage therapist assist me?

Yes, the massage therapist can assists you. Once you enter he private room designated to you and he masseuse at the massage parlour, she will slowly begin to undress you. She will then guide you into the shower room and ask you what you preferred water temperature is. She will then take your hand and begin to soak you in the warm water, while rubbing scented, soapy gels all over you. She will touch your genitals a bit; however she will not want to spoil your main massage too much, unless you have requested just a soapy shower massage.

What sort of gels does she use?

Depending on the client, their skin type and the sort of soapy shower they want, the masseuse will use various different types of shower gels and soaps. Some of our most popular shower gel types are;

  • Dove Men + Care Body Wash
  • Nivea Men Energy 3-In-1 Body Wash
  • Oleavine Antifungal Body Wash.
  • Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care For Men

However, our Japanese masseuses also use traditional Japanese soapy gel that is perfect to use either before or after you receive a traditional Nuru massage. This shower gel is amazing at cleansing and refreshing the skin, making it clean and ready for a sensual massage session.

Why is it better than other massages?

Soapy shower massages are much better than other sensual massages because they are different and adventurous. The prospect of them can be very exciting for people who may have never had sex in a shower or done anything quite like it. It is also very close in contact for both parties, and as the showers are quite small, it requires a lot of body to body contact with one another which can be very arousing.

The gels make it very slippery and allows some fun for the sensual masseuse and the client, allowing more movement which allows you to try more positions and ways to do it.

The steam from the warm water and the privacy makes it very arousing and sexy, and many of the clients said they felt like they were in a movie because the setting was so perfect and te masseuse was so beautiful. It is a fantasy that so many men want to live out and we can make it a reality in our massage parlour.

Can I choose what masseuse I want?

Yes, we allow you to choose the massage therapist that you want for you soapy massage as we want you to have the best possible experience you can. Some of our clients prefer the bustier, curvier masseuses for a soapy nuru massage as it means the client has more to rub his genitals against and it makes breast relief a lot easier. However, some of the men like petite, slim girls as it allows them to pick them up easily and have sex with them.

Here are some comments from our clients who have received soapy nuru massages at our cental London massage parlours –

Roger, 32

“My wife does not really like to try new things and is not that adventurous in the bedroom. I have always wanted to have sex in the shower because it has been a fantasy of mine since I was a teenager. I was thrilled to find out that my regular massage parlour in central London offered soapy shower massages and of course I went to try one right away. It really was a 5* service and it was amazing from start to finish. It was slow and sensual and did not feel rushed at all, meaning I could feel every second of pleasure so much more.”

Peter, 27

“I had never really thought or fantasied about soapy shower massages, however whenever I go to the Asian massage parlour I noticed it on the brochure and was very intrigued by it. I had a very busty masseuse who was able to give me breast relief which felt even more amazing because of the soap and water. I was not meant to get my happy ending until after the soapy shower but it was so good that I ejaculated early!”

If you are interested in a sensual soapy shower massage and are based in the central London area then please contact us for more information.