How a sensual massage can make you a better lover

Confidence goes a long way. Whether you use it to ask your boss for a pay rise or to stride up to the counter and demand to speak to the manager for a refund because the burger you ordered isn’t up to scratch, a little bit of confidence is invaluable. If you’re confident in the social part of your life, it’ll extend to your persona in the bedroom as well. When you’re confident in the bedroom, you are more likely to try new things, switching up your routine and creating more sexual satisfaction overall. In contrast, when you’re not as self-assured, it can leave you feeling shy and more anxious which can affect the quality of lovemaking.

But what can you do if you’re just more of an introvert?

Sensual massage can help build up your confidence in ways that you probably didn’t even know it could. Here’s how it can make you a better lover.

1. Helps premature ejaculation and reduce erectile dysfunction

While women worry about their bodies, the majority of men tend to worry about their performance in the bedroom. Ejaculation issues are arguably the most common worries for men, with the two of the most common being premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Various psychological and physical factors can cause a man to suddenly experience either of these problems. Stress and anxiety are two common psychological causes. When a man is too ‘lost’ in his head, he can ejaculate too quickly or not become erect at all.

A sensual massage can help with this. This special Asian massage encourages the mind and body to enter a state of relaxation. A sensual massage uses a number of erotic and sexually arousing techniques which gently awaken the entire body. This shifts the focus from pleasure in the erogenous areas to full body pleasure. The therapist will then use the stop-go technique where she takes you to the edge and back again multiple times. This will help you exercise your body and mind. You will learn to respond to sexual stimulation more progressively instead of a sudden intense rush, and this helps you last longer. You will learn to recognise your precise point of climax and eventually, know how to control it.

2. Reduces performance anxiety

Performance anxiety and erectile problems often come in a pair. If you’re worried about finishing too soon, taking too long to finish or not being able to get it up at all, it may make you anxious of lovemaking in general. This might then start to affect your general performance in the bedroom. Inexperience can also cause performance anxiety. It’s easy to say that “practice makes perfect”, but if you’re fearful of it, how can you even start to try and improve?

Viagra is the accepted treatment for erectile dysfunction, but there are more than 250 side effects and the medication only treats the symptoms instead of targeting the cause. This means that the problem is never really resolved – it is only covered up. Sensual massage targets the root cause of your anxiety using techniques that help you improve confidence and become a better performing lover in the long run.

3. Improves quality of lovemaking

On average, it takes men around two to seven minutes to orgasm and women around 20 minutes. That’s over twice the amount of time in difference. It’s no wonder that bedroom activity can leave partners feeling embarrassed or disappointed and lead to arguments that are just bubbling under the surface.

A sensual massage can help invigorate sexual performance and smooth out any of the negative emotions that have been caused by the conflicting differences in sexual expectations. Sensual massage involves techniques that retrain the mind and body to respond in a different way to stimulation and arousal. They teach you to slow yourself down so you have more time to please and guide your partner towards their climax. When you and your partner both reach your orgasms, it makes for a much more satisfying lovemaking session – particularly when it’s at the same time! You can feel your bodies and souls connecting on a totally different level.

If you’ve been struggling with erectile and ejaculation problems, whether it’s recent or an on-going, long-lasting issue, a sensual massage can be the conclusive cure for you. As well as improving your stamina, control and concentration in the bedroom, you will find yourself becoming more intuitive when it comes to noticing female arousal. You will learn new ways to arouse and seduce your beloved, whether it’s something soft and romantic or a trick that’s a bit naughtier. Your improved receptiveness and creativity will be highly welcomed by your partner. Give sensual massage London a go with our adult massage service. Reap the life changing benefits today.

What have you got to lose?

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