How to improve your sensual massage experience?

So you’re going for a sensual massage and you obviously want it to be the best experience it can be. Here are some handy tips to make sure you are fully prepared and emotionally ready for the massage.

#1 Shower first. It might sound daft but if you forget to shower and you show up for your massage a bit sweaty and smelly I can guarantee you won’t feel as confident stripping down and coming in to contact with your masseuse. To get the most out of your session you want to feel 100% relaxed and comfortable. Making sure you are fresh and clean will make sure you do not feel embarrassed. Also consider your masseuses feelings, obviously they would rather work on a client that is clean. You will find that your masseuse will appreciate the courtesy and return the favour by delivering the best massage to clients that are clean- coming into contact with smelly skin will be a distraction to even the most professional masseuse. If you are visiting a parlour straight from work and you haven’t got time to shower, simply ask to use the shower facilities at the parlour, as there will always be such facilities available. You can even request a shower with your masseuse as an extra, which is always a steamy way to kick off a session.

#2 Bring a change of comfortable clothes. This isn’t a must but I would recommend it. Your muscles will get quite the work out during a sensual massage, and like if you were going to the gym; you wouldn’t want to put on a suit after your workout. The same applies here, you will feel so relaxed and your body will feel electric. A comfy tracksuit will leave you feeling warm and soft.

#3 Do not go to the gym or partake in strenuous activities after your massage. Your muscles will need time to rest. If you go from a massage to doing any hard physical activity you will be in danger of pulling a muscle. If anything I’d recommend getting some rest post massage.

#4 Don’t work yourself up with nerves. It’s understandable that you might be nervous before a massage, especially if it’s your first one but seriously the best thing you can do is stay calm. It is your masseuse’s job to make sure are completely relaxed but this will take longer if you are nervous and embarrassed. Don’t over think it and let your masseuse do her thing; the quicker you relax the more time you can spend enjoying your session.

#5 One way to combat nerves and make sure you are completely comfortable is being totally open with your masseuse. She is there to meet your needs and fulfil your wildest fantasies. As soon as you open up to your masseuse, the better the massage will be. If you want her to talk you through everything she is doing, that’s totally fine too. And the best part about asking your masseuse about her technique is that the more you learn, the more likely you will be able to put in to practice the massage techniques on your next sexual partner! Why not eh?

#6 Make sure you bring enough cash with you (and a little extra!) You don’t want to be running off to a cashpoint at the beginning of your session and you are likely to be offered extras, you don’t have to go for these but once you’re in the session you might want to heighten the experience with an extra. Having to turn down an exciting sensual experience because you’re twenty quid short can be a real bummer so I’d always recommend you show up with a little bit of extra cash just in case.

#7 Do your research, if you haven’t been to a parlour before you will want to make sure you go to one with a good reputation. You don’t want to end up somewhere that has inexperienced masseuses that can’t deliver an authentic sensual massage. If you are struggling to find a good parlour I would recommend you check out (insert website here.) This is a parlour based in the heart of London with an excellent track record of delivering great service, and only employing full trained and specialised erotic masseuses.

Once you are ready, book our sensual massage in London.