Why getting a Nuru massage in a hotel is the ultimate luxury

If you’re anything like me, experiencing a nuru massage is one of my biggest sexual fantasies. I have dreamed about a beautiful woman rubbing her greased body all over me for as long as I can remember, but I never thought it would become a reality. With a busy schedule, a house full and little time for myself, I have never had the time. However, that was until I realised that booking into a hotel for the night would solve my problems and was a way for making my dream come true. Here is why getting a nuru massage in a hotel is the ultimate luxury:

1.The beds are usually bigger

If you’re familiar with Nuru massage, you’ll know they require plenty of space to roll around on. Fortunately, the beds in hotel rooms tend to be larger than at home, so you won’t have to worry about falling off the side mid-massage. No longer will you have to disrupt your massage by awkwardly adjusting on your small double bed; you can have the passionate nuru massage you’ve always dreamt of.

2.It’s less hassle

The last thing you want before a relaxing session is to worry about whether the house is tidy, whether your housemates are out that night or what the neighbours will think if they spot your scantily-clad masseuse pulling up in a taxi. At a hotel, you’ve no worries in the whole world. You can book your masseuse for whatever time you want, you can rest assured knowing the room will be spic and span and you can truly let your hair down and relax. You don’t even have to tidy up afterwards because your cleaner will do that for you! Basically, it’ll make your whole experience even more relaxing- who wouldn’t want that?

3.It’s more special

Massages aren’t a regular occurrence for most people, they’re more of a luxury- something special; a treat. But is it really a treat when you’re stuck in the same bedroom you see day in day out? I think not. Go all out and book a room at a hotel for a truly luxurious experience. Sit back and relax whilst waiting for room service or taking advantage of the booze in the fridge. Enjoy a warm shower in a marbled cocoon, and then dry yourself with fresh, Egyptian cotton towels. Being in a hotel sometimes feels like you’re on holiday, especially when you take the time to truly enjoy the surroundings. So imagine all of this followed by a once in a lifetime massage with an exotic, beautiful woman? Sounds like luxury personified if you ask me.

4.You can enjoy a bath or shower with your masseuse

What’s the rush, ey? Why start undressing the second your lady walks through the door? Nuru massages aren’t your average massage- they’re sensual, erotic, slow and teasing, so start as you mean to go on. Of all the massages, nuru is arguably the most intimate. Think about the intense close body-to-body contact and how nerve-wracking that could be first time round. It’s not something people are comfortable with from the get-go. With this in mind, try sharing a shower or a bath with your masseuse before your session and learn more about your masseuse’s body. Let her caress and relax you as you get hot and steamy amongst the bubbles. And want to hear the best part? You’ll have plenty of room to do this in a hotel because the showers and bathtubs tend to always be bigger!

5.Its more discreet

Whilst nuru massages are perfectly normal and legal, not everyone feels the same way. Remaining discreet is probably at the top of your priorities list, so do all you can to make it less obvious. The best way to do this is by booking into a hotel and arranging an outcall massage. The hotel will never pass any information about you or your ‘visitors’ only anyone, so you don’t have to worry about your nearest and dearest finding out. Similarly, your masseuse is likely to turn up discreetly dressed, meaning she will never be escorted from the hotel. Whether you’re on a business trip in London or just want a night to yourself, executing the perfect massage is easiest when in a hotel. Plus, it’ll put your mind at ease!

So, if you want to get the ball rolling and turn your erotic fantasy into a reality, call or email us on the details below and book in for your raunchy nuru outcall massage, today! More information about nuru massage London here – http://www.oriental-massages.co.uk/nuru-massage-london/