Lingam massage therapy: the ultimate massage for men

The lingam massage has long been revered by men as the Holy Grail of all massages. And that’s saying a lot, as erotic massage therapy has a long and proud history. So what makes lingam massage so special? This article will explore the ins and outs of this therapy that make it so favoured among massage enthusiasts.

A brief background of erotic massage

Erotic massage originated from Asia, with the majority hailing from China, Japan and India. Erotic massage differs slightly from the Western styles of massage that you might be more familiar with. While styles like Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage are based on physiology and work to fix the problem on a physical basis. In contrast, Asian massages are centred on the emotional being and the mind. Instead of seeking to fix physical issues, Asian massages focus on fixing the problem by manipulating the recipient’s emotional responses. Erotic massages in particular believe that the body is made up of energies. When the ducts that carry the energy become blocked or energy flow is affected in any way, you are more likely to suffer from stress, pain and illness. Massage works to stimulate the flow and keep it running smoothly on a long-term basis.

The significance of a lingam massage

The word lingam roughly translates to ‘penis’ in Sanskrit. It is believed that the phallus is the symbol of Lord Shiva, a Hindui deity. Due to this and its crucial role in reproduction, the penis is worshipped alongside the vagina. Phallic statues have been built in front of Ancient Indian temples and monks pour water over them to represent the act of copulation and ejaculation. The lingam massage was developed as a therapy that pampered the organ and treated it with the respect that it deserves. Sex is viewed by believers as a holy act as it stimulates the exchanging of vital life energies. Lingam massage can help improve the chances of successful energy exchange. A yoni massage is the female equivalent.

What is a lingam massage?

A massage designed especially for male pleasure and gratification, a lingam massage uses techniques that are meant to relax the body. A lingam therapist will directly stimulate the penis area, so it’s essentially a massage of the penis. Arousal is intentional as it encourages the formation of sexual energies which are said to be some of the most potent and important energies produced by the body.

The masseuse will begin with a full body massage to try and relax you. The bare skin on skin contact will help form a bond between the two of you. The bond formation is very important as it nurtures trust which then encourages the circulation of vital life energies and sexual arousal.

As soon as you’re relaxed, the masseuse will begin to use more erotic techniques such as stroking up and down your body, and teasing you by moving around your penis area. When she finally grasps your most frustrated area, it might feel like a tremendous relief. She will then use a variety of specialised techniques to take you back and forth from the edge of climax. The masseuse will be a master – every time you think you’re about to finish, she’ll abruptly stop and leave you groaning with desire. Eventually she will pull you right over the edge and you’ll feel the waves of your orgasm crashing over you, making you tremble with pleasure.

What makes it so good?

Various studies have concluded that orgasms are not just pleasurable – they are actually good for you. When you orgasm, your body releases a cocktail of feel-good hormones that lower stress, improve spirits and stabilise mood. The stress hormone, cortisol, is said to reduce the numbers of white blood cells in your body. Endorphins which are responsible for creating pleasurable sensations and happiness reduce stress and boost levels of white blood cells.

A lingam massage can produce some of the most pleasurable sensations and strongest orgasms – possibly even stronger than many other massages, erotic and normal. As well as this, lingam massage features the stop-go technique, which is when the masseuse helps you edge along your orgasm. By prolonging your orgasm, the better you will be at delaying your climax which makes for more pleasurable and satisfying lovemaking in the future. And that’s not just for you – it applies to your partner too! Women typically take twice as long as men to reach orgasm, so the longer you can hold off your orgasm, the better it is for her. For that reason, a lingam massage can help with premature ejaculation.

Lingam massage can also help with erectile dysfunction. If you find yourself struggling to maintain an erection, the slow, sensual techniques used can help to gradually awaken you and promote longer lasting erections.

Prepare for the best orgasms ever

If you’re ready for the most arousing, sexually gratifying massage of your life, try a lingam massage. It is the only massage that has been created especially for male pleasure and exists purely to satisfy you in ways that you never would’ve deemed possible. We offer a premium lingam massage that is fused with tantra to ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience.

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