Does size really matter? Secrets of an erotic masseuse

For men across the globe, one extremely intimate topic of debate has often been a source of anxiety: the size of their willy. This anxiety stems from stories of general misconceptions about average penis size, what girls prefer, how it can affect your performance in the bedroom and many cultural views that size is linked to masculinity. Even today, the word manhood is often referred to as the size of a guy’s penis.

The general consensus is that size DOES matter, with more men saying they WOULD prefer a bigger slong, and women stating they WOULD prefer a bigger package. Ideals of typical penis size vary from country to country and of course from person to person. However, I’ve decided to have a closer look and ask some of the girls who are erotic masseuses in London just what they think. Does penis size really matter? Does a smaller penis make you less turned on? Does a larger penis make you feel intimidated? Here’s what the girls had to say….

Vanessa, 22, Korean erotic lingam massage therapist

When I first came to the U.K I was very used to sleeping with men who had a small penis because in my home country of Korea the average size is a lot smaller than in London. I was surprised when I had my first few clients who were all white males because they were a lot bigger, and also quite thick compared to what I was used to. It was quite good when I was performing one of my special happy ending services because there was a lot more to play with, but when it came to sex I didn’t think there was much of a difference, perhaps this was because of the position. Overall, I think that when it comes to pleasing a girl, the size of your penis doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to use it well.

Sophia, 24, Chinese Nuru erotic massage therapist

I definitely believe that size matters, the bigger the better. I have had quite a few bad experiences with smaller penises so this definitely has had an impact on my preference. Because I am a Nuru masseuse I have to use cool gel to do a Body-to-body massage, often including placing the man’s penis between my breasts which is a favourite of mine as I have big breasts. However, one client had a really tiny penis and it was impossible to put his penis between my breasts, and it was rather difficult to perform a happy ending with the Nuru gel. A big penis is definitely much better in my opinion.

Jessica, 26, Chinese Lingam erotic masseuse

Without a doubt, size does matter! I think that physically it feels a lot better, and it is also a mental thing for me. I like a man to be strong and masculine, so if he has a large penis then it suggests that he is very manly. I am a specialist in lingam erotic massages, therefore I spend a lot of time focusing on pleasuring the penis and bigger ones are my favourite. There is more to deal with and more area to rub my hands on. When it comes to oral, it can be quite difficult at times but the sex is a lot better and fulfilling when a client has a larger penis.

Lucy, 21, Japanese Prostate specialist masseuse

I am lucky because I have got to experience sex with men from a lot of different ethnicities, with a range of different penis sizes. I have to say that white men and Asian men have the best penis’. Although they might be quite average in size, they still allow me to enjoy myself. I once had sex with a man who had a rather large penis and I found it quite painful and uncomfortable so I do prefer one that is either on the average or small spectrum. Because I specialise in prostate play I am able to make the guy orgasm through his anus, this often makes his penis larger than usual so even if he isn’t a shower, I can always make him a grower.

So there we have it…

A lot of the worries males feel surrounding their penis size is what other people will think and if it will make them a better lover or not. But you should remember that the perception of what a penis size should be, and what the average penis size actually is has often exceeded reality. It is clear that many women prefer small penises just as much as they prefer larger ones. Everyone deserves to feel happy and secure about their body and at the end of the day sex should be enjoyable and fun so you shouldn’t worry about the size of your package!

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