Why a nuru massage is the best Christmas present

Like most teenagers, you probably spent a lot of your mornings and nights watching porn. When you’re going through puberty, your body usually chooses to betray you by becoming aroused at random moments. From a hint of a round derriere or a particularly impressive rack to the slightest discussion of sex, your teenage mind could start wandering into the sexual territory and before you know it, your you-know-what is awake. So in order to keep this at bay, you spent a lot of time on PornHub, Redtube or whatever was popular back in the day.

Now, at some point during your porn watching days, you will have encountered the nuru massage. You know, that exotic looking massage where the girl covers the guy in some slippery clear gel and begins to slide her naked body all over him. The session usually ends in some sort of happy ending, whether that’s hand relief or full-blown sex in a shower. For many guys, the nuru massage is a boyhood fantasy. If you’ve been thinking that it has to stay that way, then you are mistaken! A nuru massage is something you can get in London and here’s why it’s the perfect Christmas gift for your partner or for yourself.

1. It’s unique

The nuru massage is unlike any other massage you will have ever experienced, whether it’s erotic or normal. Unlike a normal massage, whether standard or erotic, the masseuse doesn’t just use her hands. She primarily uses her body to stimulate the client, using just the special gel to slide around. The gel is made from seaweed, and is clear, odourless and tasteless. It is, however, extremely slippery and when mixed with warm water, it becomes even slipperier. The masseuse will coat you in this gel before climbing on top and grinding her sweet, naked body all over you. You will never feel sensations like this with any other massage.

2. It can be more than a massage – it’s so erotic that it could be foreplay

The nuru massage is insanely erotic. As you lie there, totally helpless, the masseuse will slide every inch of her sensual body over yours. She’ll drag her soft skin and supple curves over your bare skin. Imagine feeling her taut form, peachy bum and nipples slipping over you. Can you see why it could be a new type of foreplay? For people who don’t want to have sex but still want to experience erotic pleasure, the nuru massage is the perfect alternative to non-penetrative pleasure. Nuru massage is also said to be better than sex, because it is so teasing and leaves you in a heightened state of arousal for a long period of time.

3. It’s super exotic

The nuru massage was created in Japan in the 1950s when the government made prostitution illegal. Instead of selling sex, workers sold erotic body massages and baths. The nuru massage was born out of that. The majority of erotic-style massages were born in the red light districts of Asia, but the nuru is arguably the most well-known. If you want something that’s truly exotic, the nuru is not one to be passed up.

4. It’s crazily pleasurable

Can you think of anything that’s more pleasurable than a naked girl sliding her silky skin and gorgeous curves along the length of your body? Imagine feeling her tight body pressed up against yours, her full breasts bulging and hands rubbing down you. Many people struggle not to get too aroused! This is the sort of mind-blowing experience a nuru massage can provide.

5. It’s good for health

Believe it or not, a nuru massage can actually be beneficial to your health. The massage itself is extremely relaxing and helps release pent-up tension. Letting stress bubble under the surface for too long isn’t good for your heart. Nuru massage is so pleasurable that you’re left in a state of relaxed bliss. This helps to improve your circulation, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system. The sexual arousal and orgasms are good because of the feel-good hormones released – they work to improve and stabilise mood. As for the unique gel used, because it’s made from seaweed, it has absorbed nutrients from the ocean. This makes the nuru gel incredible for the skin, working to hydrate, moisturise and rejuvenate it. Whether you choose to get a nuru massage for pleasure or medicinal reasons, you’re bound to benefit from both.

Do you see why the nuru massage is the best Christmas present now? With all of these benefits, it’s difficult to say no. If you’re ready to take the plunge and experience the wonderfully erotic world of nuru massage for yourself, give us a call on the details below. We offer a personalised massage service, complete with happy endings and the best tantric masseuses in London. You’ll feel like a whole new man afterwards!

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