How to read an erotic Asian massage parlour menu

When you go to a spa or a parlour, you’ll be greeted not only by the receptionist but a list of every treatment you can get at the establishment. Known as the menu, spa menus have a lot in common with restaurant menus. Like restaurant menus, they will list every possible treatment available at the spa or parlour. Every massage and therapeutic session is made to sound amazing. You’ll read the list and won’t know which one to choose, so you ask the receptionist for advice. She’ll recommend some treatment that you’ve heard of but it sounds sensational. You’ll choose this option and sometimes it’ll blow your mind. But sometimes, what you get isn’t what you were expected and you leave feeling a little…bummed.

It happens to all of us, even the massage regulars! To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to decipher a massage menu. And more specifically, an erotic menu. Those can be a little trickier especially if you’ve never had one before. Just like it helps when you know the different ingredients, cooking techniques and spice combinations in a restaurant, knowing the classic erotic massages and happy ending add-ons can help you wade through an Asian massage experience way more easily.

So how is an Asian massage parlour’s menu organised?

A spa or parlour’s list of services are organised by the treatments they offer. Massage is arguably the most popular option and you are sure to find this on every establishment’s menu. Most places allow you to customise your sessions. You can choose how long you want the massage to be – generally, it’s 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Some parlours offer mini half-hour massages or longer sessions of two hours, but this is rare.

Happy ending massage

This is one of the most common and requested massage styles you’ll find at an Asian massage parlour. The happy ending is a euphemism for an orgasm so simply, a happy ending massage is one that concludes with an orgasm. During a happy ending massage, erotic techniques are used alongside traditional massage movements so that you are aroused and relaxed at the same time.


Nuru massage

This Japanese massage is a highly erotic and sensual style. It’s performed by the masseuse using her body to massage you as well as her hands. The masseuse will use a combination of her soft skin and curves to sensually stimulate you. The most unique thing about this massage is the special gel that’s used. Nuru gel is made from seaweed and is completely colourless, odourless and very slippery when mixed with warm water. This clear gel is only used for the nuru massage and makes for an incredibly arousing experience.


Erotic massage

 Another popular and well-known choice, an erotic massage uses special sexual techniques that are meant to arouse you. The masseuse will usually tease you by bringing you back and forth from the edge of orgasm. And only when you can take no more will she bring you crashing with the orgasm. An erotic massage is very stress-relieving and you’ll experience intense satisfaction.

Sensual massage

A sensual massage is very similar to an erotic massage or a happy ending massage because it also uses sexual techniques that are meant to arouse you. However, there is more emphasis on sensual arousal than physical. While an erotic massage is more direct about it, a sensual massage tends to enhance or deprive certain senses, such as with blindfolds. This heightens the whole sexual experience and builds up an orgasm in a different way to an erotic massage.

Tantric massage

Based on the meditative art of tantra, a tantric massage follows the same principles but in a more manual format. Tantric massage uses extremely slow erotic techniques that are designed to gradually build up arousal and keep you at the peak of heightened arousal. The masseuse will tease you until you feel like you’re going to explode with pleasure. When you do, you’ll be extremely satisfied and weightless. Unlike the other erotic massages, orgasm isn’t the goal of a tantric massage. Instead it is a pleasant by-product which is welcomed but not deemed as necessary.

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Body to body massage

A body to body massage, also known as a body2body or b2b, is very similar to a nuru massage. The masseuse uses her body to massage your full naked body, making it a very sensual and incredible experience. However unlike a nuru massage, oils or lotions are used, instead of a gel. Oils are absorbed by the skin more quickly so reapplication is more frequent, which may disrupt the continuous erotic feel of the session. But the masseuse will always try to make the session as flowing as possible.

Lingam massage

In Sanskrit, ‘lingam’ literally means ‘penis’, which means this massage’s name, translates to ‘penis massage’. But although a lingam massage is essentially a massage of the penis, its history is long and proud. Lingam massage is connected to tantra and are based on the theory that the genitals are meant to be worshipped as they possess large amounts of precious life energy. The female version of this massage is known as the yoni massage.

4 Hands massage

A 4 Hands massage is where there are four hands instead of two. Instead of one masseuse, there are two masseuses (hence the four hands) working on your body. A 4 Hands massage can be combined with any massage style and it’s not exclusive to erotic Asian parlours. You can have anything from a 4 Hands tantric massage and 4 Hands lingam massage to a 4 Hands Swedish massage. This massage is extremely beneficial because two masseuses can stimulate larger areas of the body than one ever can. They can access deeper pressures and work as a team to truly rid you of your tensions. A 4 Hands massage is typically more expensive than the average massage style because there are two masseuses who need compensating for their time and skill. But when you weigh it up with the benefits, it’s totally worth it.

Enjoy your erotic experience

So there you go – a comprehensive list of the most common and requested massage styles in an Asian parlour. Remember to take slow, deep breaths and allow yourself to fully immerse in the experience. When you’re ready to delve into this erotic world, have a look at that massages and treatments we offer. We look forward to hearing from you!