Six things you didn’t know about Indian head massage

Indian head massage, one of the most sought massage styles which continues to flourish in spas and treatment centres – some hairdressers have even started to offer the procedure as part of customer pampering packages. Despite being globally recognised, there is lot of depth to Indian head massage which often goes unnoticed – it goes so much further than relaxation! Here are just a few:

1.It’s rich in heritage

The massage is based on the ancient Indian healing system known as Ayurveda and dates back to as far as 4000 years ago. Ayurveda is based on the body having seven ‘chakras’ (paths of energy) with massage stimulating energy flow to the chakras and encouraging healing and balance in the whole body. Since, the style has continued to be practiced in Indian life. It’s not uncommon to visit an Indian barbers and be given a complimentary head massage. The therapeutic treatment is also popular at special Indian rituals, including weddings and births in the Asian country.

2.It’s great for hair maintenance

There are lots of benefits which come with getting an Indian head massage but one of the first was its ability to keep hair healthy. With proof of Indian women practicing massage on their daughter’s heads using coconut, almond and buttermilk oils thousands of years ago to achieve thicker hair. Since, research has shown that when we are stressed the scalp tenses and tightens up which restricts the blood flow to the area. However, seeking regular Indian head massage stimulates the energy and blood flow to encourage the hair follicles to loosen up. This in turn eliminates waste products from the area and delivers nourishing nutrients, which promotes strong, shiny and healthy hair.

3.It soothes headaches and migraines

In modern practice, Indian head massage has developed to incorporate other areas of the body, including the neck, back and shoulders. Since, Indian Head Massage has become a popular treatment for those who suffer from migraines and frequent headaches. Taking inspiration from Swedish massaging techniques, including brisk friction strokes and circular petrissage (kneading) movements allows the mind to relax and helps to eliminate tension from the scalp and neck. This works as massage encourages the rush of endorphins. One of endorphins qualities is that they can act as the body’s natural painkillers and mask the pain from entering the central nervous system. The statistics don’t lie either. A survey by found massage therapy to ‘reduce symptoms significantly’ in 39 per cent of migraine sufferers. With only seven per cent of participant who took the same survey stating massage to not have an effect on their symptoms.

4.It eases tense muscles, eye strain and blocked sinuses

When performing Indian head massage, the therapist will make a special effort to concentrate on pressure points on the forehead and around the eye-sockets. By doing this, they are able to clear some of the chakras, encouraging the energy and blood flow to run more smoothly. By performing soft effleurage and petrissage techniques they are able to relax and soothe tense muscles and eye strain. Later transitioning the massage down to the cheekbone’s pressure points has also proven to relieve blocked sinuses.

5.It relieves stress and sleeping problems

Many people seek massage therapy because they are stressed and are often finding it difficult to sleep. However, Indian head massage is a great choice if you need an extra help in hand when it comes to unwinding. The style promotes the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Many scientists and experts have recognised serotonin as being vital for good, undisturbed sleep. As mentioned before, the main aim of Indian head massage is to open up the seven chakras and by doing this; the energy is balanced in areas which need it the most. Boosted energy gives a positive attitude and have a better outlook to tasks which may have originally made you feel stressed and frustrated.

6.It relieves anxiety and depression

By performing soft strokes on your head, neck and shoulders not only makes you feel great physically but also can work wonders for your mind too. Indian head massage is a popular complimentary treatment for those who suffer from anxiety and depression as it releases the feel good hormone oxytocin and the powerful rush of endorphins. This helps to lift mood and think more clearly. This is similar to the euphoric feelings experienced after exercise.

Get Indian head massaged today

So I hope we’ve educated you a little bit with our six reasons about an Indian head massage! Sounds good right? Find a licenced massage centre and try the soothing and super beneficial style today. Believe us, it won’t disappoint!

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