Using sexual energy to make your nuru massage an unforgettable experience

We all know that male and female sexual energies are separate entities and it’s often very difficult to align them. When they are aligned, sexual experiences can be mind-blowing and often, utterly unforgettable. It’s a tricky task but we’re here to help show you the glorious path to a life-changing, spine tingling happy ending.

The difference between male and female sexual energies

Sexual energy and the stark differences between male and female energies is a topic that has interested us for decades. We only have to look at book titles, news articles, Hollywood films and TV shows to see that this is the case. But are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Let’s take a look at this…

Men must ejaculate often

Men need to orgasm often, arguably more often than women. This is because biologically, male minds are set to crave sex more frequently than female minds. In the simplest terms, men are hardwired to plant their seed and move on, while women look for love, family and security. Of course this isn’t always the case, but nevertheless, men need to experience sexual gratification relatively frequently, otherwise they become irritable, frustrated and distracted.

But there are ways to prevent this build-up of sexual energy from taking over your mind. You can learn to circulate the energy throughout the entire body, which strengthens your mind and helps to refresh your physical body. Tantric meditation is a great way to do this – you can reach orgasmic states and you don’t need a partner, although having a partner to do this with is recommended. After your tantric meditation, you can begin your nuru massage. The full bare skin to skin and naked bodily contact encourages sexual energy exchange between you and your partner. When your masseuse rubs her naked body against yours, you don’t just feel arousal and pleasure. You’ll feel chemistry and energy radiating, spreading and blending between your naked bodies. The sensual friction will build up energy, from the testicles in men and the ovaries in women. Your orgasm will not be an ordinary one. It will rush from the end of your penis and spread through your entire body – even to your fingertips and toes. This full body orgasm will clear your body of stress and tension, and be utterly mind-blowing.

Women are naturally multi orgasmic

When a man orgasms, he releases semen and after that, he’s usually finished. But a woman is nearly always ready for more. A woman’s orgasm does not result in a loss of sexual energy, unlike a male orgasm. This can cause friction between the man and the woman as their sexual appetites are not in tune. But it’s possible to encourage realignment. You can work to extend the period of pleasure and delay orgasm in the man so by the time he finishes, the woman is also drained of sexual energy.

Where nuru massage comes in

Nuru massage is a special erotic massage where the masseuse uses her body (as well as her hands) to massage the client. She uses the surface of her naked skin and her sensuous curves to erotically slide, glide and grind against the client. It’s very pleasurable and therapeutic. Sexual energy will be intensely built up, but the masseuse is highly trained in tantra, so she will often practise edging. This is a technique where she backs off just before the client orgasms, pauses and then starts again. This means he’s always edging along an orgasm, creating a prolonged orgasmic state. This teasing will stimulate female sexual energies until eventually she reaches the peak and both partners crash into a shared happy ending.

Creating sexual harmony and building reverence for each other

Biologically, men are hardwired to protect and women are hardwired to re-energise and provide comfort. But sometimes a man’s linear way of thinking can frustrate a woman and lead to negative thinking from both parties. A nuru massage is a great way to eliminate the negativity and encourage sexual harmony. The shared orgasm will create greater bonds between the man and the woman, because an orgasm is not just about sexual relief. An orgasm is a physical manifestation of stress. During this state, you’ll feel energy vibrating through your body in waves. Your body will be vessel of dancing, pulsating energy. It’s a unique sensation which is even better when shared with a sexual partner. The longer this process lasts, the better because it can truly seep into the cracks of your mind, body and soul. If you hurry, it’s just an ejaculation and a series of meaningless muscle contractions. Draw it out and it will overwhelm you and take you to a new level of paradise.

Try a professional nuru massage

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