What is sensual massage?

Sensual massage offers a deep level of experience to clients. It is delivered with a clear intension of whole body arousal and intimacy. It is intensely erotic, however, it is give with care and sensitivity to the receiver’s expectation. Both physical and emotional experiences are likely expectations. While other massage procedures such as tantric involve some kind of ceremony and rituals usually spiritual oriented, sensual massage is about giving proper massage with intension to attain whole body arousal, often to orgasm.

In sensual massage the masseurs are usually naked and the receiver is expected to reciprocate that, so as to enjoy the intended level of intimacy during the treatment. However, all sensual masseurs will have their personal interpretation of what a sensual massage should include. It is premised upon a high quality therapeutic massage that can be given firmly to work the muscles or gently to promote relaxation or a combination of both. It is intended to be deliberately arousing and include light touch with fingers and nails all over the body including the hands, feet and head as well as the genitals and bum. A good sensual masseur should be able to build the arousal slowly throughout the whole treatment, to allow the body to respond such that the ‘receivers’ mind can relax and focus solely on the feelings being felt. It should be an experience that is exciting and stimulating.

Sensual massage has its unique place in the industry because it places intimacy and arousal at the centre of the treatment. It embraces the connection between deeper emotional engagement and physical interaction as a fact of human nature. In sensual massage intimacy and arousal are treated not just as a pleasurable add-on for the treatment but very much as part of the massage. Sensual massage embraces the view that physiological and emotional engagements in the treatment help to deliver the release high level of hormones essential for the total relaxation and intimate connections such as oxytocin. Human beings are very territorial and tend to bond with others of our likeness. When the receiver feels totally intimately and emotionally connected to the masseur, he/she will loosen up and experience ecstatic level of orgasm which in turn will trigger the release of another known as prolactin. The release of prolactin will make the receiver feel a sense of complete relief.

Who is sensual massage for?

Literally everyone and anyone can benefit from having sensual massage but because different people will seek to have it for different reasons taking into account individual uniqueness the experience will vary from person to person. To some it will be a break from a hectic lifestyle to experience total relaxation in an environment that offers optimum freedom and discrete, for others it may be the place for self-exploration in a deeper and special way including sexual and sensual experiences. There are those who suffer in silence over matters such as sexual anxieties and performance dysfunctions, this massage is most likely the answer to their troubles. Whatever one wants from the treatment is what they will get.

Sensual massage will offer unique and special opportunities for the receiver to experience in their sexual life what they would never have experienced in their perceived normal life orientations. For instance, men who happily and publicly define themselves as heterosexuals still manage to surprisingly to themselves, experience and enjoy male to male intimacy during a sensual massage treatment. Some survey has shown that at least 50 percent of men who visit sensual massage masseurs define themselves as heterosexual. Another survey also shows that men who visited the sensual massage pallor to address their sexual dysfunction experiences have been surprised to learn that their inner freedom deprivation was the inhibition standing between them and their sexual performance including erectile dysfunctions. Techniques of sensual massage are varied and the masseur will assess every client and determine the best approach to adopt.

To women who hail from belief backgrounds that restrict how much freedom they can have in exploring their sexual experiences will find sensual massage treatment as the time and place where they can fully discover their full sensual and sexual potential in a discrete environment devoid of the prying eyes cultural or religious observers. For women who just want to enjoy the firm and tender touch of a male masseur without the expectation of to reciprocate back with sexual offers sensual massage treatment is probably the ideal choice. It will also deliver for those women who want to enjoy professionally performed massage but also seek to experience deeper and unexplored sensual part of themselves as well as intimate arousal touch of a man without the commitment and responsibility of a relationship. Lastly but not exclusively, those women who believe that arousal and ultimate orgasm can be enjoyed in a deeper way through gentle and prolonged intimate touch without a focus on the sometime laborious penetrative intercourse.

When it comes to intimacy and emotional engagement most women prefer a place and space where they can experience a sense of safety and sensual massage is a perfect environment to deliver such an experience. There are also those women who are not fulfilled sexually in their relationship whether it is partnership or marriage. Many times the spouses do not have a solution to this challenging but essential ingredient of a healthy relationship and the sensual massage has proved to be the place where open minded couples explore and conquer their sexual challenges. When a couple participates in the treatment process they learn hands-on the key to their sexual glory and this enables them to grow together and closer in their relationship. Marriages and other relationships have been rescued through sensual massage treatment.

Some husbands or boyfriends recognize their inadequacy through no fault of their own but the reality is that the relationship suffers under such circumstances. More often than not the solution to emotional and intimacy challenges is locked within the two persons involved. They just need to establish ways of unlocking that innate potential to unleash their freedom to explosive relationship experience and enjoyment. The treatment is the place for a couple to learn new techniques to apply on one another to enable them to set their relationship on a progressive path. Good partners are happy and enjoy when their spouses are happy and fulfilled in a relationship. Such partners will go out of their way to find whatever it is that could deliver contentment in their intimacy. Because life styles some people bottle their fantasies inside them without any attempt to experience respite in that regard because they believe that there are just no options available to achieve it. These are the people who need to explore the opportunities and possibilities that sensual massage has to offer.

Sensual massage will deliver beyond what you may imagine, just open up and explore and the returns are well worth your investment.


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